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The Typing Injury FAQ provides a wide variety of information about repetitive strain injuries (RSI's), resources for dealing with these ailments, and a broad description of assistive products to reduce injury risk and symptoms. While the primarily focus is on computer users at risk of injury, health professionals, researchers, educators, designers, resellers and manufacturers will find a wealth of information of interest. Many of the resources provided here also relate well to other work environments.

TIFAQ Description

The Typing Injury FAQ has been an online resource for the repetitive strain injury (RSI) grassroots community since the Summer of 1991 (see history).   It consists of original,  RSI-related information; articles and online postings of others; as well as a vast listing of products to assist working in the office environment and prevent/reduce symptoms of RSIs (see disclaimers).   In fact, the TIFAQ is world famous for its ergonomic and assistive product listings, especially for it's Alternative Keyboard FAQ (see feedback).   The TIFAQ's primary "customers" are the RSI-related, online communities - as defined by the participants in many mail lists and newsgroups.  Secondary customers to date are those that have used the TIFAQ in printed form, typically printed from its online sources.  Future planned activities will see an expansion of its information dissemination (see goals and directions below).

As the TIFAQ can not capture, and hold, the complete fountain of information available in the RSI arena, it provides listings and hyper-links to a broad display of websites, mail lists, newsgroups, ftp/gopher sites, and paper publications that contain even more information, services and products of potential interest to its viewers.

The TIFAQ's extensive Information section is not immediately apparent upon first entering the website.  However, selecting Information from the horizontal menu bar will display not only a Question & Answer FAQ on RSIs and Ergonomics, but a variety of additional informational links to a wide assortment of associated topics and resources.

The characteristics and quality that has made the TIFAQ's Alternative Keyboard FAQ so popular is now being implemented for the other product FAQs.  Question & Answer FAQs are planned for all major product categories along with references to articles and research published about them.

Several of the RSI/Ergo Information FAQ sub-categories as well as some Product FAQs are new and/or under major re-construction.  Website enhancements and planned directions of growth are discussed further in the following segments of this introduction to the TIFAQ.


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TIFAQ's Goals and Directions

The TIFAQ has moved off of the Princeton and SJSU webservers and onto a commercial webhosting service (where you are reading this from now).   While the initial goal was to simply use sponsors to defray the costs of creating "tifaq.com", discussions with other RSI-related organizations and individuals resulting in incorporating this website, and associated activities, into a non-profit organization (CTD Resource Network).

All TIFAQ sections have undergone major formatting changes to speed file downloading (broken up large files and using thumbnail images for products), improved website and webpage navigation, and continuing improvement of  website content (new Q&A sections for first-level product webpage FAQs, introductory comments for many second-level product webpages, as well as articles submitted by professionals in the field).


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Navigating the TIFAQ's Resources

The TIFAQ's current version (Jan'98) now has new tools to help find the exact information that you are looking for, when you need that quick fact.  There are also improved site navigation aids to assist in your journey through this website, for when you are not in a hurry and just want to surf around a little.  These tools and aids are described as follows:

Site Map
TIFAQ's site map is found on the HomePage and is actually a table of contents of the website's primary and secondary pages.  It provides a complete overview of the website and facilitates a swift review of the whole website.  This site map consists of hyperlinks, so you can jump directly to the subject of interest once you find it!
TIFAQ Search Form - Under Repair
The TIFAQ Search Form link is also found on the HomePage.  Use the search form find TIFAQ webpages containing specific words or combinations of words.  The text search engine allows queries to include Boolean expressions containing the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, and grouped with parentheses, to more exactly define what is being sought after.  The text search engine will display a weighted list of matching documents, with better matches shown first.  Each list item is a link to its matching document.  Once in a document, you can use the web browser's Find command option to locate the exact location of the searched for item.
Website-Wide Menu Bars
Website-wide menu bars exist on the top and bottom of all first-level webpages of the TIFAQ.  These allow for quick jumps between the Information FAQ and the several product FAQs and Archive.
Webpage [Back] [Up] [Next] Navigation Links
Back-Up-Next navigation links are provided near the top and bottom of second-level webpages.  These are not as fancy as the first-level menu bars, however most second-level pages are connected in an order (usually the same order as listed in the associated first-level page) so that you can jump forwards and backwards through the information or product area that you are in, or up to the originating first-level webpage.
Webpage Table of Contents
Most of the larger webpages include a table of contents in the standardized, light-blue border along its left side.  In first-level pages, most of these links are likely to be pointing to second-level pages with more detailed information or references than what is provided on the first-level page.  Table of content links in second-level webpages predominantly refer to sections within the webpage itself.  An exception would be when related information also exists elsewhere in the website and is also included in the table of contents to cross-reference it and provide ease of access.
Note:  Most webpages, and their internal sections, that are listed in a hyperlinked table of contents will also have a "return to table of contents" link or a link to return to that webpage's parent page.  This reduces the need to constantly use the brower's scrolling bar or Back button while exploring the TIFAQ.
TIFAQ and Product Images
Small TIFAQ and product images are often hyperlinks.  Most of the small TIFAQ graphic logos, located at the top and bottom of the webpages, will take you to the TIFAQ's HomePage.  Product images will typically expand to a larger version of the product image if clicked on (watch for the browser arrow to become a little hand - indicating a hyperlink).
Note: Product images in the TIFAQ's webpages are kept "thumbnail" size to reduce loading time.  Please keep in mind that larger product images are typically big files and may take a considerable amount of time to download if you are using a slow modem.
Frequent Hyperlink Auditing

Every effort is made to periodically check the accuracy of our hypertext links within and outside of the TIFAQ, however, if you should find a broken link or other functional problem with this website, please let us know.


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  • The Typing Injury FAQ is an educational site only and does not provide medical advice.  The advice, tips, and data that you find within this site must not replace the diagnosis and proper treatment from trained health professionals familiar with repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). 

If you are experiencing any injury symptoms, please go see a medical professional right away.

  • TIFAQ's information is the most current and accurate that we have access to, however, we do not provide any guarantees that any given piece of information or product listed here will work for you.  Your use of information on this website is at your own risk.   The TIFAQ will not be held responsible for injuries or product damage that may occur from using information or products provided here, in good faith, as an educational service to you.
  • Opinions expressed in the TIFAQ are those of the author(s) only, and do not represent those of our sponsors, manufacturers, resellers, nor anyone else, unless clearly identified otherwise.  Errors and false statements inadvertently included in this website will be removed immediately upon notification of the webmaster.
  • Inclusion of any given company and product is not an endorsement of such but simply providing information on what products have been developed or made, are currently available on the market, or are in development. 
  • Registered, trademarked names that are included in the TIFAQ are the property of their respective companies.
  • Financial interests to manufacturers and product resellers are limited to those sponsors of the TIFAQ pages who allow us to provide this information to you free of charge from a commercial webserver. 
  • Content is the sole domain of the TIFAQ owner and respective authors of hosted articles.   Comments and suggestions are welcome from all TIFAQ users - whether sponsors or not.


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Copyright and Re-Use

The Typing Injury FAQ, and its associated articles, are copyrighted by their respective authors with all rights reserved. 

Re-use/publication of  the information provided in the TIFAQ is permitted freely, as long as its original source is cited, and that it is provided freely and without charge (not for profit).  

For use of individual articles hosted by the TIFAQ, contact the respective author(s) for permission to use.

Please let us know if you use the TIFAQ's information, as it is always nice to receive feedback on its use and benefits.   :-)

This FAQ may be cited as:

CTD Resource Network, Inc. (1998-1999). Typing Injury FAQ: The RSI community's online resource.  Online at http://www.tifaq.org


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