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Below are other products of potential interest that have come across the TIFAQ desk and are worth showing.

Everton Quick-PropQuick-Prop

Price/Unit Quantities:

  • $34.95 (1 - 49)
  • $33.20 (50 - 149)
  • $31.45 (150 - 249)
  • $29.70 (250 & UP)

Price list reflects volume discounts. All prices quoted fob Indianapolis, IN in US dollars. Actual shipping charges to be added to invoice.

It props open egress doors eliminating the need to one-hand loads and wrestle with doors.

Check out their website for demonstration photos of this little gadget in action.   I've done evals where office workers have had carts, or a load of folders in their arms, and had to fight with doors to keep them open.  It looks like this might have several neat uses in a variety of office and industrial arenas where doors need to be held open to move materials through unhindered.  -KSW-

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Last Updated: 10/05/99