Fiskars Softouch
Rolling Scissors

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New designs of scissors and other alternative cutting tools are available to reduce the strain related to cutting materials with traditional scissors.

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alimet-fiskars-scissors Fiskars Softouch Scissors

  • Estimated Price:  $18.00 ea

Perfect for cutting fabric, string, paper and light cardboard.  Cushion grip eliminates pressure on thumb and fingers.  Use whole hand for effortless cutting.   Spring action opens scissors efter every cut, relieving you from extra hand motion.   Stainless steel blade hardened for a sharp, long-lasting edge.  Easy-slide safety lock keeps blades closed during storage. 


alimed-rolling-scissorsRolling Scissors

  • Estimated Price:  $17.95 ea

Eliminate awkward postures and repetition incurred when using standard scissors.   Scissors cut by rolling rather than squeezing.  Ergonomic grip does not cramp hands.  Hand is positioned in neutral.  Roller bearings help make clean, smooth cuts with little force.  Cuts through thin plastics and multiple sheets of paper.


AliMed has more scissors for both office and industrial use in their catalog.

(Information last checked:  Dec'97)

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