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Officework requiring manual, frequent, and forceful stapling and removal of staples should be avoided.  Electric staplers and alternative staple removers are available on the market and should be used to avoid injury risk factors related to this task.

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alimed-electricstaplerHand Held Stapler

  • Estimated Price:  $40.00 ea

Ergonomic staplers eliminate hand strain caused by traditional staplers.  Ideal for anyone concerned about repetitive strain injury.  Staples up to 10 sheets.


Nice example of an electric stapler, but the photo shows the wrist bent while holding it - not a good idea.  My preference is the desktop type where you simply feed the paper in to it.  -KSW-


alimed-stapleremoverErgonomic Staple Remover

  • Estimated Price:  $3.50 ea

AliMed's Ergonomic Staple Remover easily extracts staples without the harardous pinch grip most removers require.  Quickly and easily removes and holds staples.   Larger muscles of the forearm and upper arm are used to smoothly remove staples without tearing paper.


One option to remove staples without a pinch grip.  However, I'd keep a close eye on its small diameter handle and avoid it pressing into the palm during use. -KSW-

(Information last checked:  Dec'97)

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