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Telephone use while performing other activities has been the cause of shoulder and neck problems. A frequent mistake is to place the telephone receiver between the head and shoulder while freeing up the hand to write, type, or perform some other task.

Where additional activities are performed while on the telephone, headsets should be used to reduce neck and shoulder stress. Padded phone rests also help, but headsets are generally better.

Some office workers have also been observed with a "death grip" on the telephone receiver and a bent wrist. A minimum of force should be used in holding the telephone and all activities should be performed with as neutral a wrist posture as possible.

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AliMed's How to Choose Headsets

297 High Street, Dedham, MA 02026
(800) 225-2610, Fax: (800) 437-2966

See website or order a catalog for more information on these products


alimed-telephone-headsetsEncore Monaural and Binaural Headsets

  • Estimated Prices
    • Monaural w/Amplifier:  $219.00 ea
    • Binaural w/Amplifier:  $249.00 ea

Encore Monaural and Binaural Headsets deliver superior sound quality, durability and comfort for all-day use.Click-stop headband and turret, adjustable clothing clip and lightweight, durable 10' cable add comfort and convenience.  Amplifier has quick disconnect to enable leaving the workstation without removing the headset.


alimed-plantronics-headset Plantronics Tristar Headset

  • Estimated Price:  $220.00 (w/Amplifier)

Receiver rests on the ear, not in it.  Gentle three-point contact for unshakable stability, avoiding earplug discomfort.  TriStar's ultra-trim, lightweight design, various earbuds and adjustable receiver arm fit everyone comfortably, even eyeglass wearers!


Other styles and types are available from AliMed's catalog.

(Information last checked:  Dec'97)

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