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When we type at computers we should work like trained, disciplined typists and keep our wrists straight and floating over the keys.   However, many of us were never trained and have developed lazy wrists that like to sag down to the table surface while typing.  The problem with doing this is that the wrists are bent upwards in hyper-extension, which increases the risk of a repetitive strain injury.  A second issue with resting the wrists on the table surface is that its hard surface and sharp edge presses against the bottom of the wrist and can compress the soft tissues of the hand and adversely affect the nerves and blood vessels.  Some typists place the keyboard right to the table's edge to avoid having anything to rest the wrists on, and force them into a proper typing posture.

A wristrest is typically a strip of cushioning (padded plastic, foam, gel, etc.) that fits in front of a keyboard or mousing area.  The primary function of a wristrest is to keep the wrist straight during keyboard use and provide padding that the table surface cannot.  Wristrests are one of the most popular "ergonomic" computer assessories provided by companies when employees complain of wrist pain at the keyboard.   They are inexpensive, improve wrist posture and reduce soft tissue compression due to contact stress (thus improving posture and reducing injury risk).  Wristrests even come in cool colors that can be easily customized with company logos, etc.  Some keyboards even come now with built-in molded plastic palm/wristrests (note that padded retro-fits are often available due to the hard built-in surfaces).

Wristrests come in varying shapes, padding materials, and types of covers which will determine how comfortable they are to use and their effectiveness.  They should be well padded with no sharp edges and provide a soft support that conforms to the wrist and palm heel.  The height of the wristrest should be at about the same level as the computer keyboard's front edge or spacebar (this is typically 3/4 to 1 inch for modern, low-profile keyboards).  Keyboard wristrests are usually around 20 inches in length and some go as wide at 28-30 inches to cover the mousing area as well.

A word of caution is needed when it comes to typing with a wristrest.   Current typing philosophy/recommendations instruct typists to type with the hands floating over the keyboard and use the wristrest only as a soft place to rest between periods of typing.  Placing the hands palm up in your lap during longer breaks in typing is also a good idea as it provides an opposite hand posture to that used while typing.  What needs to be avoided is pressing/leaning on the wristrest while typing and depend only upon wrist and finger movement to reach the keys.  The whole arm, starting at the shoulder, should be used to reach for keys far from the home row, not pinning the wrist into the wristrest and depending on your wrist and fingers to do gymnastic feats reaching all the keyboard's keys. More on keyboarding techniques can be found in many publications on computer use and keyboarding.

Other devices perform a similar function while moving with the hand, versus the stationary position of traditional wristrests.  For the keyboard, an example is the Comfortype that has a swiveling palm support that moves with the hand while typing.  There are also several different products for the wrist and arm that move with the body during mouse use.  These products provide continuous support during the keying/mousing activity.   As these devices do not hinder body motions, their continual use might be considered okay, especially in relieving shoulder discomfort, however you should not lean, or put excessive force on them.

A wristrest's purpose is to partially support the weight of the arm, reduce fatigue in shoulder, reduce torque in elbow, maintain neutral wrist posture, and prevent wrist abrasion on sharp desk edge.

Wristrests should be used during micro-pauses and mini-breaks, not during data entry or typing (Thompson, 1991).

Other Commentaries and Information

Pros and Cons of Wrist Rests
by Chris Grant, PhD, CPE
http://www.ur-net.com/office-ergo/pros&.htm#Wrist Rests

IBM Healthy Computing: Accessories - Palm Rests

AliMed's How to Choose Wrist Rests

3M Gel Wristrests3M Stationary & Office
Supplies Div
Bldg 230-25-13
Prosperous Pi Ste 5B
St Paul, MN 55144-1000
(612) 733-9322 or (800) 332-7483, Fax: (612) 733-5754

Gel-Filled Adjustable Wrist Rests

  • Estimated Price:
    • Gel Wrist Rest - $44.95
    • Gel Wrist and Mouse Wrist Rest - $59.95
    • Gel Mouse Wrist Rest and Pad - $39.95

3M Gel-Filled Adjustable Wrist Rests:

  • Height-adjustable gel pad encourages neutral wrist position to reduce wrist fatigue and discomfort.
  • Exclusive gel-filling and non woven fabric, derived from medical technology, conform to wrist and palms to provide soothing, comfortable support.
  • Baseplate with non-skid rubber feet keeps wrist rest securely in place on desktops or adjustable keyboard trays.
  • Available in blue or dark gray.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Dec'97)

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297 High Street, Dedhan, MA 02026
(800) 225-2610, Fax: (800) 437-2966

See website or order a catalog for more information on these products

AliMed Soft WristrestsSoft Wrist Rests

  • Call for their catalog or visit the website for specific sizing and prices
    ($19.95 - $39.95)
  • Soft Mouse Wrist Rest:  $17.95 (with Mousing Surface:  $24.95)

Multiple styles heights, lengths and colors to meet the needs of many different situations.  These wristrests are made from two layers of form - the bottom layer gives comfortable support and the top self-molding layer cradles your wrists for maximum comfort.  Other wristrests are made of closed-cell foams and vinyl.  There are not only hard, but they also allow heat and sweat to build up.  The Soft Wrist Rest's cloth cover and open-cell foan interior wick away moisture and heat.  The cover is removable and washable.


AliMed Per/Fect Keyboard Wrist RestPer/Fect Keyboard Wrist Rest

  • Estimated Price:  $49.95

Ideal for low chair and high desk combinations.  Angled Soft Wrist Rest in line with your keyboard.  No need for expensive adjustable chairs or office furniture.   Now you can sit upright or lean back and key without straining your wrists.   Ideal for shorter workers - allows users to keep their feet on the floor.


Keyboard Komfort

  • Estimated Price:  $49.95

Provides affordable negative tilt.  Elevated front 1" to 1 1/2" so keyboard slopes down towards monitor, providing 7 to 10 degrees negative tilt recommended by experts.  Accommodates keyboards up to 21" x 7 3/4".  Extended version accommodates mouse 25" x 7 3/4"


Softspot Contour Support

  • Estimated Price:  $24.95

A form-fitting cushion that maximizes the benefits of the MS Natural style keyboards.   Reduces the sharp angle and hard pressure points caused by the built-in palm support.


AliMed Mouse NestMouse Nest

  • Estimated Price:  $16.95

A comfortable mouse rest that glides with the mouse - a real aid to productivity.  The hand is completely supported by the contoured surface, whcih helps the hand "grip" the Mouse Nest for easy maneuverabilty. Eliminates excess finger gripping and wrist tension. Promotes natural straight wrist position. The wrist is in a natural, neutral position


Comfort Point

  • Estimated Price:  $24.95

Comfort Point lets your fingers and arm control the mouse, not your wrist.   Ergonomically contoured ultrasoft paddle supports both wrist and palm.   Adjustable angles: negative, positive and neutral tilt to cradle and support the wrist.  glides smoothly with mouse for continuous support.  Mac and IBM mouse and trackball compatible.



  • Estimated Price:  $49.95 (pair)

Wrist-mice let your supported wrists slide from keyboard to mouse in one easy gliding motion.  Movement is unrestricted in every way.  The wrist is ergonomically angled in a padded cradle. 



  • Estimated Price:  $35.00

MOPAD contoured foam cushion supports, elevates and protects the area from wrist to elbow.  Covered with a slippery fabric that glides across the work surface.   Secures with elastic wrist strap, so you can lift and reposition without hesitation. 

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'97)

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CIPTC - Canadian International Products and Trading Company
1111 Davis Dr., Unit 1, Ste 194, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, L3Y 7V1
1-705-727-0027 or 1-416-524-3733, Fax: 1-705-727-0775


ciptc-pivoting_mouserestErgonomic Pivoting Mouse Rest  

  • Estimated Price:  $25

The "Mouse Rest's" cushioned pad is ergonomically angled in a padded cradle and its movement is unrestricted in every way for maximum user comfort. Your wrist nearly feels weight less when mousing. The "Mouse Rest" will provide relief from wrist and elbow strain as well as reducing neck pain and shoulder discomfort. Also, it will help to prevent well known repetitive strain injuries in the future.


This is a new product being marketed by a Product Development Marketing Company. The product mimics the operation of a swiveling forearm support for the mousing arm. Outside of the marketing information provided above, and on their website, little is know of the designer or the product itself.  -KSW-

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Jul'98)

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Ergolink Ltd.
157 West 49th. Avenue
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V5Y 2Z7
(604)322-0349,  or (800)990-9319, Fax: (604)322-0393



  • Estimated Price: $9.95 (Including Mouse Pad)

Exclusive auto-positioning technology allows Ergowrist to be the world's only convenient, ergonomic, movable hand support.

Auto-positioning includes a flexible spring loaded tether which connects the mouse to Ergowrist. The tether is sensitive to allow finger control.

Ergowrist is movable to allow the arm to control the mouse.

When the hand is removed, auto-positioning guarantees that Ergowrist will park itself behind the mouse. Park and be ready to support the hand the next time it reaches for the mouse.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)


ergolink-ergowrist_palm Ergowrist Palm  

  • Estimated Price: $19.95

Ergowrist Palm is a movable hand pad that supports the weight of the palm on an elevated platform to allow the hand to relax in its natural, arched posture.

Fingers are supported to help minimize the stress of clicking, double-clicking, and drag and drop processing. Ergowrist Palm does not interfere with arm or finger control of the mouse.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Jul'98)

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wpe3.gif (35581 bytes)ErgoSpace Corporation
218 Main Street - Suite 240
Kirkland, WA 98033
(206) 739-8880
Fax (206) 739-8881

Ergospace Launchpad Launch Pad 

  • Estimated Price: 
    • Launch Pad PE (Professional Edition) -  $59.95
    • Launch Pad SE (Standard Edition) - $39.95

Over time, anyone who uses a computer may run the risk of a repetitive disorder such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The innovations at ErgoSpace such as LaunchPad, our revolutionary ergonomic palm rest, are designed to limit that risk.

They now have two models:

The Launch Pad PE (Professional Edition) Black glove leather covers memory foam on the saddle - like contoured palm cushion set on a dynamic suspension. The black SureTrak mouse pad has a special surface which promotes accurate tracking and can actually clean debris off the tracking balls of mice.

The Launch Pad SE (Standard Edition) Medium gray (slightly taupe)
very high quality colored synthetic suede covers a closed cell foam.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)


wpe2.gif (52021 bytes)Palm Glider 


(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Feb'98)

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ErgoWare WristrestsErgoWare
L B Innovators, Inc.

Wrist Supports

  • Available in 3 sizes and many colors:
    • Standard 18" ($19.95)
    • Notebook 12" ($19.95)
    • Mini 8" ($14.95)

When the Ergoware Wrist Support was first introduced in 1989, few people knew what a wrist support was. Now, with today's new VDT safety laws, safety managers and computer users are rushing to buy these inexpensive products to help protect against Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Ergoware Wrist Support sales have accelerated from hundreds of units per month to well over 20,000 units per month and still climbing. All of this success is due to the Ergoware Wrist Support's patented shape - the result of six months of in house design work. Only the Ergoware Wrist Support features a dimple that runs laterally down its centerline. Both front and rear edges are curved. It is this patented shape that has positioned the Ergoware Wrist Support as America's leading keyboard wrist support. Custom Imprinting available.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Dec'97)

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Fox Bay Industries
4150 B Place NW Ste 101, Auburn, WA 98001-2449
(253) 941-9155 or (800) 874-8527, Fax: (253) 941-9197


NA & MODesk Top Styles

Desk top convenience in a variety of sizes and styles for all keyboards/keypads.

  • in 8", 12", 19", and 27" lengths
  • for keyboards
  • for calculators
  • for mice

(Information last checked:  Nov'98)

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ISE International Source for Ergonomics
950 Warden Ave., Scarborough, Ontario, CN Ml L 4E3
(416) 759-2929 or (800) 463-7731, Fax: (416) 759-9272


Palm/Wrist Pads

Palm/Wrist Pads provide ergonomic support. Available for all sizes of keyboards.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'98)

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MedExcel, Inc.
Seton N.W. Health Plaza
11111 Research Blvd., Suite 220
Austin, TX 78759
800) 335-PAWS (7297), Fax:  (512) 328-7324


MedExcel's PowerPawPowerPaw   

  • Estimated Price: $24.95

Designed by a physician, the PowerPaw protects the soft tissue areas of the wrist and forearm and may help to reduce the pressures that are associated with repetitive stress injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Based on advanced gel and polymer technology, the PowerPaw provides flexible, mobile support while the rounded contours adapt to any user position. The PowerPaw’s gliding base allows effortless and continuous freedom of motion. Explore the PowerPaw--a vital addition to any ergonomically correct workstation

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Jul'98)

Typex Corporation
31441 Santa Margarita Pkwy., Suite A-265
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (USA) 92688-1836
(949) 858-9060, Fax: (949) 858-4421



  • Estimated Price: $139.95

Comfortype's design allows the user to simply place their computer keyboard atop the Keyboard Support Base; adjust the keyboard height for comfort; insert the patented, ergonomic "HandSupports" into their Pivot Slots, and it's ready to use. Comfortype can be used with virtually any standard, or MAC computer keyboard. The patented, ergonomic HandSupports are designed to accommodate the human hand. The Comfortype allows for the full range of motion typical to all typing, data entry, programming, mouse, and other user interface requirements. You will never have to lift your hand again to go from keyboard to mouse, and will be amazed at it's ease of use, and how Comfortype increases productivity, provides total keyboarding comfort, and dramatically reduces the stress and strain of keyboard, mouse and trackball use.



  • Estimated Price: $39.95

ComfortGlide's simple design allows the user to place the "GlideBoard" in front of the computer keyboard; mount and place the custom designed "MouseGlide" to the right or left of the keyboard; insert the patented, ergonomic "HandSupports" into their "GlideBase's", and it's ready to use. ComfortGlide can be used with virtually any standard, or MAC computer keyboard. The patented, ergonomic HandSupports are designed to accommodate the human hand. The ComfortGlide allows for the full range of motion typical to all typing, data entry, programming, mouse, and other user interface requirements. You will never have to lift your hand again to go from keyboard to mouse, and will be amazed at it's ease of use, and how ComfortGlide increases productivity, provides total keyboarding comfort, and dramatically reduces the stress and strain of keyboard, mouse and trackball use.

The complete ComfortGlide Wrist Support System consists of: One GlideBoard; one MouseGlide; one pair of ergonomic HandSupports; and one pair of GlideBases.

(Information last checked:  Oct'98)

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77 Digital Drive, Novato, CA
(415) 884-2311, Fax: (415) 884-2392


(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Jul'98)

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