A Call for Articles 


The Typing Injury FAQ (TIFAQ) is expanding and a selection of articles is being collected that will cover different professional approaches in dealing with Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs), based upon the person's background (Doctor, Therapist, Ergonomist, Chiropractor, Body Worker/Awareness, etc.).

The purpose of this is to compare and contrast the theories and methods used to address RSIs based on a professional's field of expertise (training/experience/etc.). This will allow TIFAQ visitors to read the articles can gain a better appreciation of the varied specialties involved with RSI treatment and prevention and provide them with more and varied ways to address their problems.

The following basic format is suggested:

  1. A description of the author's specialty/area of expertise. This could include its history, traditional use, and role in treating or preventing RSIs
  2. The basic theory(ies) that the specialty uses to explain the occurrence of RSIs.
  3. How the specialty goes about treating/preventing RSIs based upon the theory(ies) noted in (2.) above.
  4. A biography of the author: credentials, experience, etc. and a description of his/her business. Business name, address, phone, email, website all welcome as this will permit TIFAQ viewers to contact you for more information, etc.
  5. Inclusion of references to revelant journal articles, publications, etc. would also really be nice here (optional).

This is an opportunity for you to discuss your professional field and how it benefits the RSI population, as well as provide information about yourself and your business, services, publications, etc. Many people would have the opportunity to read your article in the TIFAQ and contact you for further information. This article would also be on permanent display in the TIFAQ and could be updated periodically if you so desired.

The TIFAQ benefits from this by being able to provide valuable information for its visitors and increase its number of users. The RSI Network newsletter is also being revived (with concurrence with its originator Caroline Rose) and the articles may also be included in one of the newsletter's issues, with your permission.

Interested in participating? Just send an email for more information, or just put together an article and send it to me and we can discuss it further from there.

Other on-line articles for the TIFAQ will also be request and considered, so if you have a idea for an article that would fit well within the TIFAQ's topic areas, let us know.

 Submissions of articles or suggestions are welcome.
Contact: articles@tifaq.com

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Last Updated: 02/18/98