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Commentaries and Information

Pros and Cons of Keyboard & Mouse Trays
http://www.office-ergo.com/pros&.htm#Keyboard Trays 
http://www.office-ergo.com/pros&.htm#Mouse Support Trays 

IBM Healthy Computing: Accessories - Keyboard Platforms



(800) 328-6276

3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray - AKT200

Next to the chair, most experts consider adjusting the keyboard height essential to creating an ergonomic workstation. The 3M Adjustable Keyboard Tray addresses the need for office workers to use their chair with their feet on the floor and their keyboard and mouse at a comfortable level for inputting while keeping a neutral wrist postion.

  • Adjustable range: Full range of height and tilt (positive and negative) adjustability brings keyboard and mouse to optimal level for user comfort.
  • Side arm design: Adds stability to the keyboard and mouse surface and allows for greater knee clearance. Also eliminates bruised legs or torn clothing.
  • User-friendly adjustment: A single control with instructions allows users to easily adjust both height and tilt.
  • Comfort and control: Integrated 3M gel-filled wrist rest for keyboard and mouse provides soothing, comfortable support, while 3M Precise Mousing Surface provides superior tracking and accuracy.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Dec'97)

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Active Input Solutions, LLC
4760-C Mission Gorge Place
San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 229-2949, Fax: (619) 229-2955 


EasyMotion CPM


Active Input Solutions' primary commitment is to improve the comfort and health of office workers by providing dynamic products with ergonomically correct motion to the static office environment.

Active Input Solution's engineers have responded by combining the therapeutic benefits of Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) with the ergonomically correct range of motion to produce the most comfortable computer accessory device available. With a CPM machine, the user remains passive while the machine does all the work.

The CPM modality is used extensively in the medical field, primarily by physical therapists, to heal muscles, ligaments, soft tissues and joints. CPM helps to relieve static muscle tension, vascular stasis (low blood flow), ligamentous rigidity (stiffness) and edema (pooling of fluids) to promote health and healing.

Download Case Study PDF file

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Sep'00)

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AKP Products Inc.
(800) 311-4256 or (813) 526-6278
Fax: 813-526-6801

Adjustable Keyboard PodiumAdjustable Keyboard Podium

  • Estimated Price:  $129.95

Eye strain and headaches are symptoms from sitting to close to the monitor and improper body positioning. The AKP allows you to position the keyboard at the right height for sitting or standing, while staying a comfortable distance from the monitor.

The human body requires frequent movement and postural changes to be comfortable and productive. Sometimes, a radical change in the user's position, like going from a sitting to a standing position, can result in the relief from the stress and discomforts of staying in a fixed position. Proper body positioning is important for people of all sizes and we know the importance of satisfying all heights. Keyboard trays can be obtrusive to the user's legs. The AKP easily adjusts to the exact height. Sitting or standing at home or the office.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)





From: Jeb Scannell
Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 1997 6:32 PM
Subject: AKP-Adjustable Keyboard Podium

We have designed an adjustable keyboard and mouse stand like no other currently available. It is called the AKP - an adjustable keyboard podium for a computer keyboard and mouse. Keyboard trays that attach to the underside of desks often lack the proper adjustment capabilities, can be costly, unreliable and without room for a mouse are inadequate. The AKP accommodates a keyboard and mouse with pad and combines superior strength, ease of mobility, and a ten inch pneumatic height adjustment that allows for effortless adjustments up or down. It meets current ergonomic considerations and gives the user, no matter how small or tall, the ability to work while standing.

Taking the keyboard off the desk permits the user to stay a safe distance from the screen while positioning the keyboard and mouse close enabling the user to lean back.There are many advantages over the conventional fixed keyboard tray.

We introduced the AKP on May 29, 1997, and the response has been great. With the high cost of ergonomic products the AKP is a superior product at $129.95. Please visit our web sit and let me know what you think. http://www.akp-inc.com


Jeb Scannell
President - AKP, Inc.

(Information last checked:  Dec'97)

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297 High Street, Dedhan, MA 02026
(800) 225-2610, Fax: (800) 437-2966

See website or order a catalog for more information on these products


AliMed Keyboard TrayKeyboard Retractable Shelf

  • Estimated Price:  $149.00

Keyboard rests on top of 21" x 10-1/2" shelf. Keyboard can easily be transferred to desk or lap. Lever arm adjusts height up to 6", keyboard angle can adjust -10 to + 15 degrees. Retracts under desk, swivels 360 degrees. Heavy ball bearing construction and spring counterbalance for years of maintenance-free use.


AliMed Keyboard Shelf with Sliding Mouse TrayKeyboard Retractable Shelf with Sliding Mouse Tray

  • Estimated Price:  $179.95

Keyboard rests on top of 21" x 10-1/2" shelf. Keyboard can easily be transferred to desk or lap. Lever arm adjusts height up to 6", keyboard angle can adjust -10 to + 15 degrees. Retracts under desk, swivels 360 degrees. Heavy ball bearing construction and spring counterbalance for years of maintenance-free use. Mouse tray attaches with brackets to underside of retractable shelf (both included). Mouse surface opens to 9" wide x 8-1/2" deep. Slides out of either side, positioning the mouse comfortably to the left or right.


AliMed Keyboard Retractable ClampKeyboard Retractable Clamp

  • Estimated Price:  $140.00

Fits both traditional and ergonomic split keyboards 16" to 22" wide. Clamp mechanism holds keyboard firmly in place by securing the right and left edges of the keyboard. Lever arm adjusts height up to 6", keyboard angle can adjust -10 to + 15 degrees. Retracts under desk, swivels 360 degrees. Heavy ball bearing construction and spring counterbalance for years of maintenance-free use.


Keyboard and Mouse Tray

  • Estimated Price:  $189.00

Allows room for keyboard and mouse with comfortable wrist support.  Black laminate shelf with deluxe 26" length, 3/4 " thick black Soft Wrist Rest.  Includes cord clip and premium mouse pad for right- or left-hand use.



  • Estimated Price:  $79.95

Ergo Swing is a height-adjustable and fully articulating mouse tray with built-in wrist support.  Stable clamp attachment makes it easy to adjust.  Mouse tray and jointed arm may be moved independently of each other for comfortable, ergonomic positioning

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'97)

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Anthro Technology Furniture
3221 NW Yeon St., Portland, OR 97210
800-325-3841 or 503-241-7113
Adjustable desks and accessories.

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Ergonomic Logic, Inc
205 Vista Blvd., #101, Sparks, NV 89434
(800) 527-6600 or (702) 331-6001, Fax (702) 331-9060
European-design office chairs and workstation accessories including monitor stands, articulating arm supports, and foot rests.

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Ergonomixx, Inc.
1208 4th St. Santa Rosa, CA 95404
800-639-5720, Fax 707-547-1702
ErgoIntegrator - integrated keyboard, document, and monitor tray with software training.

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ErgoSystems Keyboard SupportsErgo Systems, Inc.
71 George Street, East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 282-9767,  Fax: (860) 289-2386

Keyboard Supports

The keyboard supports come in three models shown below.  The links below will lead you to more information on them.

Classic - Model XK99 (Pneumatic)

Standard - Model XK92 (Spring Assist)

Value - Model XK90 (Spring Assist)


Modulex & OP Series Keyboard Platforms

Modulex and OP Series Keyboard Platforms mount to the
XK99 Classic, XK92 Standard, and XK90 Value Keyboard Mechanisms


ErgoSystems Corner AdaptorCorner Adaptor - Model Number CA45


1. Fits over corner of two adjacent surfaces to provide additional workspace.
2. Creates 45° angled corner workspace.
3. Works with any standard systems furniture worksurface with no undersurface obstructions within 21/2" of surface mount.
4. Allows use of adjustable keyboard support at the corner.
5. Provides continuous flow to workspace area at the corner and promotes use of both surfaces.
6. Radiused front edge protects user from sharp edges and maintains aesthetic look and appeal of systems furniture work surface.
7. Available in black or light gray.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Feb'98)

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1789 Nomood Ave., Itasca, IL 60143-1095
(630) 893-1600 or (800) 955-3344, Fax: (630) 893-1648


Keyboard Managers

A variety of keyboard trays and holders.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Feb'98)

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(800) 336-7484


Flex-Rest FL-5000 Keyboard Tray SystemFL-5000 Keyboard Tray System

  • Patented Design Keeps Wrists Free From Interference
  • 2 Easy-to-use Knobs For Adjusting Angle, Board Height and Palm Bar
  • Backward Tilting Tray 0-40 Degrees of Adjustment
  • Adjustable Soft Palm Bar
  • Tray has Five inches of height adjustment
  • Comfort Thin Tray provides in-the-lap comfort with no knee interference
  • Slides under Desk for Storage
  • Independent Adjustable Mouse Tray adjusts to 5 inches of height
  • Padded Mouse Tray Rotates to Desired Position and Stores Easily with the FL-5000
  • Available with the Floating Mouse Tray


Flex-Rest Leverless Articulating ArmLeverless Articulating Arm

  • Touch control for all height and tilt adjustments.
  • Just hold the tray and move it to desired position.
  • Low profile, no knee interference.
  • No Levers! No Knobs!
  • Sliding mouse or side mounted mouse tray
  • Height adjustable 7 1/4 inches range
  • Swings left and right
  • Patented adjustable padded Leatherette palm rest
  • Great for corner applications
  • Fixed negative tilt of 6 degrees
  • Smooth action ball bearing glides
  • Keyboard tray measures 21 x 9 1/2 inches
  • Optional sliding or side mounted mouse tray.
  • Ball bearing glides, for effortless positioning, on 21 inch mounting bracket.
  • Teflon (R) glide with 17 inch mounting bracket available.
  • All units are spring assisted All metal construction. 5 Year warranty.
  • Mounting space in closed position: 22" x 21"

More Keyboard & Mouse Support Products

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Dec'98)

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6960 West Ridge Rd., P.O. Box CC, Fairview, PA 16415-0829
(800) 458-0552 or (814) 474-1565 Fax: (814) 474-2129


Adjusta SurfaceAdjusta Surface

Adjusta Surface takes the advantages of a keyboard arm and adds to them the ability to work from a seated or standing position as well as the wide width to hold keyboard, mouse and reference documents.  This versatile product can even be retrofit to existing stations!


low profile kbrd armLow Profile Keyboard Arm

Low Profile Keyboard Arm positions the height, tilt, and swivel of your keyboard, all with one control!  Adjustments are uncomplicated and encourage repositioning to best reduce computer strain. The slimline design allows free and clear leg movement underneath the platform.


naturalizer keyboard arm Naturalizer Keyboard Arm

The contour-shape of Microsoft's Natural Keyboard requires special keyboard platform considerations.   The Naturalizer Keyboard incorporates the function of Flex-Y-Plan's keyboard arm with a specialized attachment plate to securely support the freeform keyboard.


keyboard armKeyboard Arm

Keyboard Arm has a unique dual-swivel design allows the keyboard to be positioned at virtually any angle to the monitor.  Extensive height, tilt and swivel controls set the keyboard to the individual user.


laptop computer arm Laptop Computer Arm

Whether working from your office, a client's office or your hotel room, Flex-Y-Plan's Laptop Computer Arm allows comfortable, familiar keyboarding.  Adjust the platform to the width and epth of your laptop, then set height and tilt for the ideal position.  Foldable for compact travel.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'98)

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Fox Bay Industries Inc.
4150 B Place NW Ste 101, Auburn, WA 98001-2449
(253) 941-9155 or (800) 874-8527, Fax: (253) 941-9197

Sit StandSit/Stand





AAArticulating Keyboard Arms

A variety of styles available for maximum space-saving and adjustability.

  • for above-the-desk positioning
  • for extra leg room
  • for corner workstations


AA27KSKeyboard Trays

A variety of styles available for optimum efficiency and comfort.

  • in 12", 22" and 27" lengths
  • with CarpalRest ® wrist supports or without.
  • unique flange keeps your mouse on the tray.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'98)

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Herman Miller

Herman Miller ScooterScooter

Estimated Price: $299.00

Unlike keyboard trays, the Scooter comes right up to you and floats over your lap at just the right height and angle. There is no more comfortable way to use a keyboard. And it's perfect for a notebook computer. Put your laptop on a Scooter, lean back in your chair, even cross your legs around the center support, and have your laptop at the perfect typing position. You can't imagine a better piece of furniture for using a laptop.

You can easily change the height with a foot pedal at the base and the tilt angle with a lever underneath the top. The Scooter slides on four large polyethylene pads, which protect the floor.

The top is 28" by 12 1/2" which is big enough to hold an expanded keyboard and a mouse pad. The height adjusts from 30 3/4" to 22 3/4", which is low enough to slide under your desk when not in use. Made in America. Choose natural or dark cherry, or natural or medium oak. Assembly required.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'98)

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ISE International Source for Ergonomics
950 Warden Ave., Scarborough, Ontario, CN Ml L 4E3
(416) 759-2929 or (800) 463-7731, Fax: (416) 759-9272


(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Jan'02)

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Knoll Inc 
1235 Water St, East Greenville, PA 18041


Keyboard Supports

Knoll helps its customers respond to rapid and ongoing changes in workplace technology through KnollExtra, an innovative line of computer accessories. Knoll Extra offers a vast array of elegantly designed ergonomic products -- keyboard supports, mouse pads, and wrist rests -- to help you create a healthy and productive office.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'98)


Proformix, Inc.
(416) 293-8221 or (800) 973-2739
Fax: (416) 293-8242 or (877) 516-0269


Ergonomic Keyboard Trays

Proformix offers scientifically-proven and unique keyboard options to help you work smarter and healthier. By positioning the keyboard in the prescribed "neutral zone", not only will you be more comfortable but you can reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Proformix keyboard trays also feature ergonomically-correct mousing solutions. Mouse pads swing over the numeric keypad of the keyboard, keeping the user in a narrow posture and greatly and reducing shoulder strain caused by chronic lateral arm extension.  Their Intellitray™ touch-pad mouse technology allows the user to use finger-tip control to perform all mousing functions.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Oct'00)

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SIS Human Factors Technologies, Inc.
55C Harvey Road, Londonderry, NH 03053-7414
(603) 432-4495, Fax (603) 434-8456
Tables, printer stands, monitor arms, copyholders, forearm support and footrests.

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Task 2 (formerly Solutions in Comfort)
500 Bragato Rd  Belmont, CA 94002
800-592-3746, Fax: 415-592-7755

task2 keyboard platformKeyboard Platforms

Keyboard platforms are manufactured of machined MDF and covered in a durable textured vinyl. All standard mounting hardware is included. They are available in standard black or a range of custom colors.

Task2 keyboard platforms can be adjusted for tilt from 15° negative to 15° positive. All platforms also swivel 360° from the work surface. Finally, all platforms can be adjusted upward and downward over a minimum 6" range end slide

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Apr'98)

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WorkRite Ergonomics
77 Digital Drive, Novato, CA
(415) 884-2311, Fax (415) 884-2392
Adjustable workstations, keyboard platforms, and monitor supports.

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