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Monitors are often placed too high, low, or off to the side depending upon the furniture and computer hardware purchases.  Monitor Supports can help reduce neck and upper back pain by placing the monitor in front of you at a more appropriate height. Adjustable monitor stands are recommended for shared workstations.

The monitor height should be set so that the top of the screen is at or just below eye level. The natural line of sight is about 15 degrees below horizontal. This represents about a five inch drop from an operator's eye height at a distance of 20 inches. Looking up or down too much will strain the eyes and neck muscles.

Should a monitor be too high, remove any items under it, such as the computer in the case of PCs (typically a monitor by itself will not exceed a user's eye height). The table may be lowered if the height adjustment is separate from the keyboard, however, proper keyboard positioning must not be compromised by adjusting the table height for the computer screen.

Where the screen height is too low, the table may be raised if separate adjustments can be made from the keyboard. Quick fixes such as placing telephone books or unopened reams of paper can raise the monitor to an acceptable height. Various fixed height and adjustable height monitor stands and arms are available from multiple sources.


Bifocal wearers often tilt their heads back to read the screen which also causes neck strain. The monitor screen could either be lowered, or the operator should see a doctor about special VDT glasses.

Other Commentaries and Information

Pros and Cons of Adjustable Workstations
http://www.ur-net.com/office-ergo/pros&.htm#Monitor arms

AliMed's How to Choose Monitor Risers

297 High Street, Dedhan, MA 02026
(800) 225-2610, Fax: (800) 437-2966

See website or order a catalog for more information on these products

AliMeds Easy Vue Adjustable Monitor ArmEasy Vue Adjustable Monitor Arm

  • Estimated Price:  $52.95

Affordable arm lifts monitor 4", 5" or 6" above work surface. Base fully rotates and platform tilts and swivels to enhance viewing. Holds monitors up to 40 lbs. with base up to 12" x 12". Extra-sturdy clamp fits desktops from 5/8" to 3" thick and with at least 2" overhang.


AliMeds Monitor MateMonitor Mate

  • Estimated Price:  $189.00

Helps raise or lower your monitor to a comfortable working height with just the touch of your fingertip. Ideal when there is more than one user at the same computer. After the desired position is reached, counterbalance holds that position until you move it again. Infinitely adjustable from 3-3/4" to 10-3/4" above your desk Holds monitors weighing from 15 lbs. to 35 lbs. with base up to 12-3/4" wide. No clamps or hardware required.

Anthro Technology Furniture
3221 NW Yeon St., Portland, OR 97210
800-325-3841 or 503-241-7113
Adjustable desks and accessories.

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Ergonomic Logic, Inc
205 Vista Blvd., #101, Sparks, NV 89434
(800) 527-6600 or (702) 331-6001, Fax (702) 331-9060
European-design office chairs and workstation accessories including monitor stands, articulating arm supports, and foot rests.

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Ergonomixx, Inc.
1208 4th St. Santa Rosa, CA 95404
800-639-5720, Fax 707-547-1702
ErgoIntegrator - integrated keyboard, document, and monitor tray with software training.

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Ergo Systems, Inc.
71 George Street, East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 282-9767,  Fax: (860) 289-2386

ErgoSystems Universal Monitor ArmUniversal Monitor Arm - Model XM79



ErgoSystems Standard Monitor ArmStandard Monitor Arm - Model XM72



ErgoSystems Drop Down Monitor ArmDrop Down Monitor Arm - Model XM71




1. Capacity: Supports and counterbalances any monitor up to 85 pounds.

2. Monitor size capacity: Adjustable platform for any monitor size up to 16" wide and 16" deep.

3. Three Swivel points: 360 at platform, 360 at base (180 on clamp mount) and 270 at center-joint.

4. Height adjustment mechanism: One-Touch Pneumatic Assist.

5. Height adjustment range: Monitor lowers to 31/2" above surface, raises to 131/2" above surface.

6. Platform security: Adjustment Platform Clamping Mechanism secures monitor to platform.

7. Platform tilt: Monitor Leveling Mechanism provides 10 side-to-side tilt.

8. Cable management: Built-In cable management standard on all units.

9. Mounting options: Clamp, Grommet, Wall and Rail-Mount field replaceable and interchangeable.

10. Clamp Mount: Two-Piece Clamp-Mount eliminates need to demount surface for installation.

11. Industry certification: ANSI/BIFMA approved.

12. Warranty: 10 year warranty.


1. Same arm accommodates all monitors. Conversion from small to large monitor using same arm. Can accommodate virtually any monitor. (MODEL XM72) Special application (short arm) for use in tighter work areas. Also, provides additional monitor height for more frequent stand-up applications.

2. Standard platform accommodates virtually all monitor sizes.

3. Allows positioning by user anywhere over 72" wide x 36" deep desktop area. (MODEL XM72) Two swivel points provides adjustabilty to monitor which allows movement over desktop area or for parking out of way when not in use. (MODEL XM71) Three swivel points provide three-dimensional adjustability to monitor which allows movement anywhere over 72" x 36" area.

4. Provides one-touch ease of adjustment. Automatic lock-in secures monitor wherever positioned.

5. Exceeds ANSI standards. Used with XK99 and XK92 for stand-up use. Provides downward angle for shorter or bifocalled employees. (MODEL XM72) Monitor lowers to 6" above surface, raises to 16' above surface. (MODEL XM71) Monitor lowers 12" below mounting point

6. Eliminates potential of monitor falling to surface or floor.

7. Ensures level monitor under any conditions.

8. Manages cables and eliminates unsightly cable clutter.

9. Versatility of product placement. Flexibility in Switching mounting styles.

10. Ease of installation reduces installation costs.

11. Meets industry criteria for adjustability, quality and longevity.

12 Guaranteed long life and durability.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Feb'98)

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1789 Nomood Ave., Itasca, IL 60143-1095
(630) 893-1600 or (800) 955-3344, Fax: (630) 893-1648

Monitor Risers

Monitor Arms

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'98)

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6960 West Ridge Rd., P.O. Box CC, Fairview, PA 16415-0829
(800) 458-0552 or (814) 474-1565 Fax: (814) 474-2129


monitor lift Monitor Lift

The lift adjusts to the weight of your computer monitor to allow fingertip height control.

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'98)

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Sit StandFox Bay Industries Inc.
4150 B Place NW Ste 101, Auburn, WA 98001-2449
(253) 941-9155 or (800) 874-8527, Fax: (253) 941-9197


(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'98)

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ISE International Source for Ergonomics
950 Warden Ave., Scarborough, Ontario, CN Ml L 4E3
(416) 759-2929 or (800) 463-7731, Fax: (416) 759-9272


Monitor Risers

Monitor Risers provide a simple yet effective way of adjusting your monitors height.

  • reducing glare - decreasing eyestrain
  • frees up valuable desk space
  • proper height reduces neck strain

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Nov'98)

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Proformix, Inc.
(416) 293-8221 or (800) 973-2739
Fax: (416) 293-8242 or (877) 516-0269


Adjustable Monitor Risers

Adjustable monitor risers are used to position computer screens at the proper level so the user can reduce neck tension and musculoskeletal stress.

Most often, monitors are too low or too high, propped up on phone books or CPUs, forcing the user to extreme positions often resulting in chronic pain and injury.

Proformix Adjustor SystemStackable Monitor Riser

This 4-in-1 adjustable monitor riser can lift your monitor 1 3/8" as a single platform and 2 1/2" as a double platform. You can also double-stack all four components to raise the monitor as high as 2 3/8" and 5".

Gas Lift Monitor Riser

This adjustable gas lift monitor riser holds up to 55lbs, moves smoothly for quick and easy adjustments and rotates 360. It comes with desk clamp kit so you can get set up right away

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Oct'00)

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SIS Human Factors Technologies, Inc.
55C Harvey Road, Londonderry, NH 03053-7414
(603) 432-4495, Fax (603) 434-8456
Tables, printer stands, monitor arms, copyholders, forearm support and footrests.

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1530 SSW Loop, Ste 111, Tyler, Texas 75701
(800) 678-2629, Fax: (903) 510-2978

VuRysers (at AliMed)VuRysers

  • Estimated Price: $35.70 per box of 6

Low-cost way to lift monitor to the ergonomically correct height to help reduce neck pain. Constructed from high-impact putty-colored molded plastic, 11-1/4 x 11-1/4" x 1-1/8" thick. Stacked they provide 1" of lift each. Typically, users need to lift monitor several inches above the work surface. Holds up to 180 lbs.


Vuryser 2 (at AliMed)VuRyser 2

  • Estimated Price: $26.58 per box of 3

Low-cost way to raise monitor to correct height and utilize the desk space underneath. Each riser is 2"H, has an open face and stacks onto other risers, including the VuRyser #22007866. Stores paperwork in spaces, just like a desk basket organizer. High-impact putty-colored molded plastic. 11-1/4" x 11-1/4" x 2". Holds up to 125 lbs.


VyRyser 3

  • Estimated Price:  $59.95 per box of 3

Great for larger monitors.  Helps you organize your work surface.  Holds paper, envelopes and diskettes.  Also ideal as a printer stand. 17" x 15" x 2".

(see website for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Feb'98)

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WorkRite Ergonomics
77 Digital Drive, Novato, CA
(415) 884-2311, Fax (415) 884-2392
Adjustable workstations, keyboard platforms, and monitor supports.

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