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Following below is a fairly comprehensive listing of the RSI and Ergonomics related mail lists.

To subscribe to a mail list: either click on the link or email one of the listserver addresses. Type the words subscribe, the list name, and your name. Do not put anything else in the body of the letter or in the subject area. This will be an automatic command listserv rather than the address you use to actually talk to the group. The listserver will forward your request to the correct server and you will get a confirmation Email. For example:

TO: listserv@itssrvl.ucsf.edu
MESSAGE: subscribe Sorehand John Smith

Note that you will get a different address to actually mail information that gets distributed to the group. Many times you can not post to a list that you do not belong to. Listserv is an automatic computer generated command recognition address. If you have a problem just write HELP in the body of the message.

If you don't find what you are looking for here, try LISZT Directory of E-Mail Discussion Groups. Liszt is basically a mailing-list spider; it queries servers from around the world and compiles the results into a single directory.

A San Francisco-based listserv mailing list for people with RSIs. Discussion of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Etc.

Subscribe by sending an e-mail message to: listserv@itssrv1.ucsf.edu 
The first line of the message should have:
subscribe Sorehand firstname lastname
Postings go to: sorehand@itssrv1.ucsf.edu
Owner: Deanna McHugh sorehand-request@itssrv1.ucsf.edu or deannam@itsa.ucsf.edu
Sorehand FAQ:  http://www.ucsf.edu/sorehand/

RSI East
The east coast's answer to sorehand, where users discuss their experiences and offer support, referral, and treatment information to one another. Subscriptions are available to anyone with an interest in RSIs, but with the caveat that the list is intended as a regional resource for networking.

Subscribe by sending an e-mail message to: listserv@maelstrom.stjohns.edu
The first line of the message should have:
subscribe RSI-East firstname lastname
Postings go to: rsi-east@maelstrom.stjohns.edu

Established to make it easier for RSI-sufferers in the UK to exchange information and offer one another mutual support. Most of the information has been put together by people who have (or have had) RSI themselves. Some is from governmental sources or from advice agencies or trade unions.

Subscribe by sending an empty e-mail message to:
Postings go to: rsi-uk@rsi-uk.org.uk 
Owner: Ellen Mizzell rsi-uk-owner@rsi-uk.org.uk 
Also check out the following related websites: 
RSI-UK Mailing List Archive http://www.rsi-uk.org.uk/archive/ 
RSI-UK Website (http://www.rsi-uk.org.uk/

The RSI Network Mail List (RSINet)
The RSI Network newsletter provides articles, product information, news, and other items of interest to the RSI community. Newsletters can be read via e-mail, printed, or accessed from their website archive.

To subscribe to The RSI Network newsletter online, visit  http://www.egroups.com/subscribe/RSINet, or send a blank e-mail message to: RSINet-subscribe@egroups.com.

Paper subscriptions within the U.S. cost $15 to cover printing and mailing  expenses for one year. Mail subscription requests or donations to: CTD  Resource Network, Inc., 2013 Princeton Court, Los Banos, CA 93635.

Healthy Computing Email Tips 
Optimize your performance and prevent computer-related disorders with these Healthy Computing Email Tips, posted NYCOSH's website courtesy of their authors, Erik Peper, Ph.D. and Katherine Hughes Gibney. Healthy Computing Email Tips are distributed, free, via email. To receive a new Healthy Computing Email Tip every week, send an e-mail message to worksolusa@aol.com.

Injured Workers List (Injured-L) 
Injuredworkers.online is a collaborative effort of individuals who want to do something about how people with work related injuries and illnesses are treated by their employers, the media, Workers Compensation Boards, and the government. Recent legislation, Bill 99 (Ontario), has portrayed injured workers as lazy and lying, in order to cut benefits and reduce assistance. We believe that most of the community opposes such sterotyping and are looking for ways to fight back. This project is an opportunity to exchange information and ideas about what causes injuries and illness at work, and what we can do about it. We are injured workers, trade unionists, community activists, doctors and others. We encourage anyone who has an interest in this subject to join us.

Injuredworkers.online is working towards improving conditions for injured workers and encourages discussion and debate towards this goal. This is a closed mailing list, so you may be asked to complete a simple statement of interest.  All it requires is an agreement to our basic principles and co-operation and contribution to discussion and debate.

As a member of the committee developing this site and list, I can assure you that we are all progessive people who are dedicated to improving conditions for injured workers.
Catherine Fenech, cfenech@aracnet.net

To subscribe, send the following message:
subscribe injured-l
to: majordomo@list.web.net
Your message will be forwarded to the collective for review and a follow up message will be sent from us. If you have any difficulty subscribing, email Catherine Fenech  at cfenech@aracnet.net

 PCHealth (Was C+Health)
Intended to promote sharing of information, experiences, concerns and advice about the health effects of working with and near computers.

Subscribe by sending an e-mail message to: listserv@listserv.aol.com
The first line of the message should have:
subscribe PCHealth firstname lastname
Postings go to: pchealth@listserv.aol.com
Owner: Ballew Kinnaman kinnaman@immune.com 512/463-9321
PCHealth Website http://www.Emissary.Net/pchealth

Voice-Users Listserver
The new home page for voice-users is:
The owner does work for a commercial entity, however this is a public list and shall continue to serve as a public list for users with no commercial intervention. If any subscribers have suggestions for the list, the owner would love to hear them and will try to satisfy all of your needs.

VoiceGroup List Homepage
VoiceGroup is an active community of active beginner & expert USERS of speech recognition programs such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate, IBM ViaVoice and Lernout&Hauspie's VoiceXpress products to name a few. Discussions range from beginner to expert levels, equipment suggestions and setup to actual techniques and macro programming.

Community Page: http://www.egroups.com/group/VoiceGroup Search the Archives
(Subscription and eGroups login Required)
To Post a message
Write ListOwner
To Subscribe, send a blank email to:
To Unsubscribe, send a blank email to:

Subscribe by sending an e-mail message to: listserv@gu.uwa.edu.au
The first line of the message should have: subscribe alt-keyboards firstname lastname
Postings go to: alt-keyboards@gu.uwa.edu.au

Discussion about one hand typing and keyboarding.   If, and when it is advantageous to use a one handed keyboard, or an alternative keyboard layout, like Dvoark or Half-Qwerty. How to avoid fatigue of the arms.. To join, just email onehanded-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or go to http://www.aboutonehandtyping.com. Phone (626) 335-8069, Fax (626) 335-6127

For their free monthly e-newsletter on resources and comparison strategies for those with a disability of the hand, especially regarding keyboarding and typing, just email Lilly@aboutonehandtyping.com 

a2x Users
a2x is a piece of public domain software designed to interface any speech recognition system on a PC to a workstation running the X window system, and control the workstation's graphical display and applications. The list is low traffic, and carries information/hints for use of a2x only, not general speech recognition discussion. The list is unmoderated.

Subscribe by sending an e-mail message to:
Subscription is not automated, so don't expect an immediate response.
Postings go to: a2x-users@cl.cam.ac.uk
Owner: Simon.Crosby@cl.cam.ac.uk

You can subscribe to the PAIN-L list by typing:

For more on the practitioner side:

Ergoweb-L is the world's largest email discussion list dedicated to ergonomics. ergoweb-L currently serves thousands of subscribers internationally. Our subscriber base has a broad spectrum of ergonomics knowledge and experience: ranging from internationally recognized ergonomics professionals to those just becoming aware of the science. The rest of us fall somewhere in between.

Ergonomics List
Welcome to the Ergonomics List. This list aims to promote the discussion of ideas and principles relating to Ergonomics and Human Factors The list is aimed primarily at practising ergonomists but anyone from other fields with an interest in ergonomics is welcome to join.  As well as promoting discussion the list will serve to announce conferences and job opportunities.  At the present moment the list is 'open' and not moderated in any form but it is not intended to as a basis for the advertising or promoting of any ergonomic consultancies or products.  This list was set up by two ergonomists working at the Applied Vision Unit located at the University of Derby. We are presently interested in the following areas:- vision, musculoskeletal disorders, driving, accident prevention, legislation and software design. You can reach either of us directly by sending a message to:- AVRU.ERG@derby.ac.uk

Subscribe by sending an e-mail message to: mailbase@mailbase.ac.uk
The first line of the message should have: join ergonomics firstname lastname
Postings go to Ergonomics@mailbase.ac.uk

The Mailbase web site is located at:  http://www.mailbase.ac.uk/
All open (public) Mailbase lists have a webpage where you can read archived messages, get information about the list, retrieve files, and look at membership details (if the owner permits).  You will also find a lot of webpages and documents telling you how to use Mailbase.

Subscribe by sending an e-mail message to: listserv@uvmvm.uvm.edu
The first line of the message should have: subscribe safety firstname lastname
Postings go to safety@uvmvm.uvm.edu

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