Usenet Newsgroups 


Following below are the main newsgroups related to the RSI community.

If you don't find what you are looking for here, try DejaNews. They archive a lot of usenet groups. You can do searches for topics and people, among other things.

misc.health.injuries.rsi.moderated  <READ ME BEFORE POSTING! (FAQ)>
Moderated group with questions responded to by a panel of medical and ergonomic specialists

Open forum to discuss repetitive strain injury issues (the successor to sci.med.occupational).

New Occupational Therapy with some potential for RSI discussions.

A Usenet newsgroup which deals in occupational medicine. Lots of practitioners read it!

Mostly software design, but occasional discussion of accessibility issues for people with RSIs.

Support for those with arthritis.

Usenet feed of the ada-law listserv. Covers issues relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Usenet feed of the disabled student services listserv. Particularly of interest to computer science students dealing with RSIs or folks pondering a return to school and/or retraining after a disabling RSI.


America Online
The RSI Support Group on AOL continues to meet on Wednesdays at 9pm eastern time in the Equal Access Cafe.  Use keyword "allhealth", click on the "chat" link in the Support tab, then click on the "Equal Access Cafe" link. You can contact the facilitators HOSTAHTHMerryl and HOSTAHTHAlkorn @ AOL.com.

Occupational Safety & Health WWWBoard
Includes some discussion on injury and ergonomic topics.

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Last Updated: 05/25/00