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Links to political information and resources so that RSI suffers, and other interested parties, can help raise the awareness of RSI problems in the workplace. 


Americans With Work Related Injuries
Americans With Work Related Injuries was originally founded as a Political Action/Injured Worker help organization to increase the awareness of computer related injuries and help the injured worker through the Workers' Compensation process. We found that injured workers from all occupations need help, construction workers, law enforcement, fire fighters, factory workers, airline employees, office workers, salesmen and women, etc.

The Web and Activism: Making Your Voice Heard Round the World
October 15, 1997 at Patagonia, Georgetown, Wash DC
Advice dispensed by panelists and speakers directed towards both activist organizations and individuals wanting to use the Internet for activism. Website provides points representing some of the advice that seemed to come up frequently throughout all the speaker's responses.

AFL-CIO Stop the Pain Campaign
Workers and unions are mobilizing to Stop the Pain! associated with RSIs and crippling back injuries. The fight is centered around three demands:

  • Action by employers to fix hazardous jobs which cause crippling back injuries and RSIs.
  • An OSHA ergonomics standard which requires employers to: identify and correct hazards, involve workers, and provide proper medical care for injured workers.
  • Fair compensation for workers crippled by back injuries or RSIs. Insurers and employers must recognize work-related RSIs and provide speedy compensation to injured workers.

Contacting Congress (and the White House)   newrotate.gif (26402 bytes)
Electronic Frontier Foundation
On many issues, your legislators hear very little feedback from their constituents. Being contacted by even a few voters is often enough to mold or shift a legislator's stance on an issue, especially if they have not had much voter contact on that issue before. Every letter, call and visit counts.

Grassroots Lobbying Manual   newrotate.gif (26402 bytes)
The San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Grassroots lobbying can be defined as ordinary citizens organizing to exert pressure on their elected representatives to support, amend, or defeat legislation.

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