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Safe Type V801


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Vertical split keyboards take the standard keyboard's hand sections and place them upright.  This "hand-shake" position is considered the neutral posture for the forearms and hands. 

 SafeType, Inc.  (Formerly Ergonomic-Interface Keyboard Systems, Inc.)

SafeType™ V801

  • Compatibility:  PC, both QWERTY and Dvorak

  • Full Internet and Multimedia capabilities are standard.

  • Estimated Price:  $350 USD

  • Availability:  Resellers, Direct

  • Shipping:  Usually within 24 hours

Unlike most keyboards, the SafeType™ has demonstrated in University studies that it can virtually eliminate the high-risk positions that contribute to RSI problems.  http://www.safetype.com/cornell.html

The patented home keys have a distinctive textural design to make it effortless to find them without looking.  From there, a competent touch typist can use it with almost no transition time.  The standard key layout has been preserved so there is no re-learning required.  There are fold-away mirrors for those who want a visual reference for ‘Function and Numeric’ rows of keys.

No extended reach is required for a mouse or other cursor control device, because the smaller ‘footprint’ of the V801 allows it to be right where the hand naturally falls, whether the user is left or right-handed.

Vertical Keyboards turn old typewriter thinking up on end.  Instead of starting with a flat keyboard and asking how it can be modified to be less stressful, the Vertical concept started by asking,  “What is the orthopedically neutral position for the human body?”.

Doctors and Physiologists were in universal agreement.  If you stand up, then completely relax your arms, the thumbs are forward and the palms are facing inward toward the thighs.  Only the large and strong biceps muscles are used to bring the hands up in front.  Once you sit down, put your hands in that position, and you are in the most relaxed typing position possible.  Arms are completely relaxed, elbows falling straight down from the shoulders, thumbs up, palms facing each other, and fingers gently curved.

NASA and the Technology Utilization Foundation selected this design concept as a promising technology.  It is patented, but can be licensed to multiple manufacturers.



  • Now available with adaptor for the Mac.

  • Under development:  Integrated Wireless Mouse, Typing Trainer, Mac/USB version, Hand-Command™

(Information last checked:  May'02)

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