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Welcome to the Speech Recognition FAQ!

This FAQ covers speech recognition systems and related topics. Manufacturer descriptions of their products, where they can be purchased, and comments from users of these systems. While we try to include accurate information, please visit manufacturer and reseller links for current prices and system requirements.

Commentaries and Information

Computing Out Loud
Susan Fulton's independent web site devoted to speech recognition.  She has tried to make her site as useful as possible for people who are investigating speech recognition for whatever reason, including repetitive strain injury. She is not promoting any single product, and is not a vendor. Her chief goal is to be a jumping-off point to other sites and to provide practical advice.

Joel Gould's Dragon NaturallySpeaking Unofficial Information Page
http://www.synapseadaptive.com/joel/index.html (new)
http://www.synapseadaptive.com/joel/default.htm (old)
It is full of great information and tips - well worth the read.

Ruth Rose's Dragon Pages
   How to Improve NaturallySpeaking's Performance
   How to Treat a Sick Dragon

New World Creation's Speech.Users Desktop
Explore the full capacity of speech recognition systems, take the opportunity to help manufacturers find and fix bugs, suggest user interface enhancements, and help the novice user get the best out of their speech recognition system.

21 Century Eloquence's  Speech Recognition Update
Descriptions of speech recognition products and accessories as well as recent trends.

Stephanie Cottrell's Speech Recognition Website
This web site was designed for users and enthusiasts of speech recognition, voice recognition, and voice dictation software. Here, you'll find reviews of voice recognition/dictation software, as well as how-to articles and tips. You can also check out the Speech Recognition Bulletin Board, an on-line, threaded bulletin board for the Speech Recognition community.
Articles - Speech Recognition List

Related Links

David C. Fox's DragonDictate and NaturallySpeaking Macros and Tips
General Tips - NaturallySpeaking - DragonDictate - Programming by Voice - Other Useful Pages

CODEVOX - Programming by Voice 
PO Box 85778, Seattle, WA 98145 
Codevox is all about programming by voice. We are dedicated to providing the very best information and tools for programming by voice (PBV). You can download software that connects Dragon NaturallySpeaking to a programmer's development environment.  They currently have software for Microsoft's Visual Studio environment and GNU Emacs.


Mailing Lists

VoiceGroup List Homepage
VoiceGroup is an active community of active beginner & expert USERS of speech recognition programs such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate, IBM ViaVoice and Lernout&Hauspie's VoiceXpress products to name a few. Discussions range from beginner to expert levels, equipment suggestions and setup to actual techniques and macro programming.

Community Page: http://www.egroups.com/group/VoiceGroup Search the Archives
(Subscription and eGroups login Required)
To Post a message
Write ListOwner
To Subscribe, send a blank email to:
To Unsubscribe, send a blank email to:


Voice-Users (AKA VRUG: Voice-Users Recognition Group)
This is the home page for the voice-users mailing list. The list was established in January of 1996 for discussing all aspects of using voice recognition input systems. Sample topics include:

  • Using such systems safely, without muscle or voice strain;
  • Techniques for improving recognition accuracy;
  • How to set up the physical voice workstation optimally;
  • General tips for effective use of voice interfaces;
  • Configuration of specific systems, troubleshooting, etc.

The owner does work for a commercial entity, however this is a public list and shall continue to serve as a public list for users with no commercial intervention. If any subscribers have suggestions for the list, the owner would love to hear them and will try to satisfy all of your needs.


VoiceCoder List
A Forum for discussing using VR for the purpose of writing computer code, or dictating other complex (i.e. non-prose) documents. Any VR software can be discussed." The FAQ for this mailing list is at http://www.codevox.com/voicecoder/faq.htm.


MacVoice, Speech Recognition List 
The MacVoice is a forum for discussion of everything having to do with speech recognition on the Macintosh including, but not limited to IBM's ViaVoice, Apple's Speech Recognition, Dragon's Naturally Speaking and MacSpeech.



Newsgroup - comp.speech
Comp.speech is an unmoderated newsgroup for discussion of speech technology and speech science. It covers a wide range of issues from the application of speech technology, to research, to products and lots more. By its nature, speech technology is an inter-disciplinary field and the newsgroup reflects this. However, computer application is the basic theme of the group. Their web site has an archive of everything posted to the newsgroup since its formation: http://www.speech.cs.cmu.edu/comp.speech/  



Setting Up Your Computer For Hands-Free Operation, by Clair Calhoon
To operate your computer totally hands free requires some setup time and effort. But once you do this, you will be able not only to operate your computer hands free, but you will be able to perform most tasks more quickly than someone who uses his/her hands alone without voice recognition.

Computer Dictation: It Rights It Wrong
BusinessWeek article on new, low-cost voice recognition software.

Windows Magazine Feature

PC: Talk to Me! Voice recognition is starting to make some noise.

ZD Anchor Desk/Features

Talking (and Listening) Computers. How -- and When -- Microsoft Will Make Mice and Menus Obsolete - Wed, Oct 22, 1997

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Guide (19.95)
Paperback - 304 pages 3 Ed edition, Waveside Publishing; ISBN: 0967038987
By Dan Newman
Learn Dragon NaturallySpeaking easily with this complete, essential guide. Learn to automate work with shortcuts and macros, tune your system for best accuracy, use digital recorders, transition from typing to dictating, and much more, including how to send e-mail and surf the Web by voice and use Word and WordPerfect voice commands. For use with all versions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (except Point & Speak and Essentials).
   First Edition--for NaturallySpeaking versions 1.0 to 3.52
   Second Edition--for NaturallySpeaking version 4.0
   Third Edition--for NaturallySpeaking version 5
"Say I Can" Offers Dragon NaturallySpeaking Guide as First Free Online Computer Book! 
      (Second Edition, version 4.0). See http://www.sayican.com/bookpr1.html


Dragon NaturallySpeaking Complete ($39.95)
Paperback - 768 pages, Insync Pub; ISBN: 096860370X
by Parmod Gandhi, Walt Kuryliak, Ted Kempster, Judith Evans, Ruth Rose, Judy Evans, Dr. G. Hugh Johnson, Martin Halliday, Al Greifenberger, Joel Gould, Halliday. Martin, Laura Barrios (Editor)

A book for beginners and experienced users, "DNS Complete" introduces and explains both basic and advanced features and uses of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking family of programs.  It has over 700 pages and covers the range from simple dictation for general writing to use by various professionals in fields including medicine and law, and from the first steps in using the programs to advanced macro writing techniques. The book also discusses suitable hardware for Dragon NaturallySpeaking, including microphones and sound cards.  Its aim is to aid users at all levels to choose the program best suited to them, and use it with success. DNS Complete is accompanied by a CD containing macros, manuals, shareware programs particularly suitable for NaturallySpeaking users, and NatView Macro Viewer, written for this book.



Microsoft Research Speech Technology Group
The Speech Technology Group engages in research and development of spoken language technologies. We are interested not only in creating state-of-the-art spoken language components, but also in how these disparate components can come together with other modes of human-computer interaction to form a unified, consistent computing environment. We are pursuing several projects to help us reach our vision of a fully speech-enabled computer.


Voice Care

Be a Slackjaw: Advice for the voice

Avoiding Voice Strain

Vox Cura
Vox Cura is a group of voice care specialists led by Dr. Brian Hands dealing with Ear, Nose and Throat Medicine, Video Stroboscopy, Voice Rehabilitation and Enhancement, Speech Therapy, and Vocal Coaching.



Yahoo on Voice Recognition http://www.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Companies/Computers/

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Last Updated: 10/31/06

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