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Several of the early ground-breaking alternative keyboards are no longer being manufactured or never saw the commercial market at all.  Collected here are several of these products that have been historically listed in the TIFAQ. Some may still be on the shelves on resellers and catalog sources.

Apple Adjustable KeyboardApple Computer, Inc.

Apple Adjustable Keyboard

  • Compatibility: Mac
  • Price: Was $119
  • Availability: No longer available

The Apple Adjustable keyboard had one section for each hand, and the sections rotated backward on a hinge. The sections did not tilt upward. The keys were arranged in a normal QWERTY fashion.

The main foldable keyboard resembled a normal Apple Keyboard. A separate keypad contained all the extended key functions.

The keyboard also came with matching wrist rests, which were not directly attachable to the keyboard.

Many peripheral keys, such as function keys, were "chicklet" keys, rather than full size, normal keyboard keys.


Unfortunately, Apple has apparently decided to discontinue this keyboard. They legitimized the industry, and now they're leaving it. C'est la vie. -DSW-


From Princeton's TIFAQ FTP Archive:

press release on the Apple Adjustable Keyboard
extensive info about Apple's Adjustable Keyboard

(Information last checked:  Discontinued Product-No updates available)

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Cherry ErgoPlus KeyboardCherry Electrical Products
3600 Sunset Ave, Waukegan, IL 60087-3298
(847) 662-9200

Ergo Plus Keyboard

The Ergo Plus has integrated wrist supports, has an adjustable split from 0 to 30 degrees in 5 degree increments and the lateral pitch (tenting) can be set to 0, 5, and 10 degrees. An optional, separate numeric keypad is also available. This keyboard is fairly compact and provides adjustability and the ability to bring the mouse in closer with the numeric keypad being a separate unit.

(see website given above for more manufacturer product information)


Some keyboard vendors have started to use this keyboard as a replacement to the Lexmark Select-Ease, as it has many similar features and advantages.

Product Reviews

Ergonomic Sciences Corp's Review of the Cherry ErgoPlus Keyboard

(Information last checked:  Dec'97)

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ErgoLogic KeyboardErgoLogic Enterprises, Inc.

These guys are out of business, but some resellers still have some (call around if you are really interested -- The AliMed Catalog might still have it as well)

ErgoLogic Model 7.1

  • Compatibility: PC, Mac
  • Estimated Price: $399
  • Availability: Some keyboard resellers still have a supply

ErgoLogic information about their keyboard:

The Ergologic Model 7.1 is the only ergonomic keyboard which adjusts quickly and easily to the way people work and to the positions that people find comfortable. Some of the most significant features of the Ergologic Model 7.1 Keyboard include:

Adjustable split keyboard --- allows the keyboard to be used in the ordinary, flat position (for PC s which might be shared by many users). With the turn of the knob, the computer user can quickly raise the keyboard halves, allowing reduction of the unnatural "twist" (ulnar abduction) of the wrists and the tiring rotation (pronation) of the forearms often associated with work at a conventional, flat keyboard.

The HYPERSPACE BAR(tm) in addition to providing the usual spacebar action, also puts the frequently used "Backspace" and "Return" functions under your thumbs.

Removable, one-touch adjustable hand rests are ergonomically engineered to support your hands and forearms.

The adjustment indicator --- in just seconds gives every user easy, and reliable, setup and reset.

Both PC and Apple Macintosh interfaces are available to provide keyboard comfort with the computers that corporations use most. Connections to other common workstations will be available soon; call, toll-free, for the latest information!


The FlexPro keyboard was Key Tronic's version of this product and they have quit this product line.

The ErgoLogic keyboard is much like a standard 101 keyboard when its alphanumeric key sections are flat. The Function Keys are grouped at the left of the keyboard, like the old XT keyboards. The keys split and angle by a knob on the side of the keyboard. The horizontal split and veritical tenting are linked together and looks somewhat like a drawbridge being raised. This keyboard has several good features and is a relatively inexpensive option as compared to the Comfort

A couple of down sides . . . the palm rests provided are not frequently used and the left and right hand key surfaces do not become stable until the keys reach a considerable vertical angle (it would have been nice for more stability throughout the whole adjustment range).

(Information last checked:  Discontinued Product-No updates available)

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Lexmark Select-Ease (aka IBM Options)Lexmark Corporation (a spinoff of IBM)
Phone: 800-438-2468

Lexmark Model M13 (Select-Ease)
(aka IBM Options)

  • Out of production and no current source is known for new or used models.

This keyboard is split and angled, with a ball-type hinge at the top of the split. You can put it into positions similar to the Ergologic and common Comfort positions (but it doesn't tent when the parts are separated).

It's not programmable. Aside from the split/angle (which is extremely versatile and stable), its only other difference from regular keyboards is that the left part of the space bar can be a backspace key.


Lexmark spun off their keyboard products and sold them to MaxiSwitch. I have not heard of any intent to put the keyboard into production anytime soon. It was definately a favorite of many alternative keyboard users.

(Information last checked:  Discontinued Product-No updates available)

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Maxi Switch, Inc.
(602) 294-5450, Fax: (602) 294-6890

Ergo Max

  • Compatibility: PC
  • Price: TBD
  • Availability: Ready to go, but not in production.

Each half of the main keyboard can be independently raised/angled. An optional keypad, and an integrated wrist-rest / thumb trackball is available.

(Information last checked:  Product Never Manufactured - No updates available)

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The Tony! Ergonomic KeySystemThe Tony! Corporation

The Tony! Ergonomic KeySystem

  • Availability: Never made commerically available

The Tony! should allow separate positioning of every key, to allow the keyboard to be personally customized. A thumb-operated mouse will also be available.

(Information last checked:  Discontinued Product-No updates available)

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