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The commercial software programs presented here represent the top of the line products being provided to corporations and individuals.  These programs vary in their offerings from reminding typists to take a break, to instruction in stretches/excersizes and workplace ergonomics.  Some programs provide still diagrams/photos while others use moving animations, computer graphics, and video sequences.  Screen shot examples have been included below where possible to better provide an idea of what the programs are like.

CorpMed, LLC
3383 W. 114th Circle #D
Westminster, CO 80030
(303) 469-8997 or (888) 464-1905
Fax: (303) 469-1917

corpmed-ergohealthKevin Byrne, MD President
e-mail: kbyrne@corpmed.com

Ergo Health online ergonomic training

  • Compatibility: Windows95 and WindowsNT
  • Ditribution: Ergo Health can run on individual workstations (clients) or multiple users can access the program over an intranet.
  • Availability:  Direct

About the Ergo Health TM Training Programs (from their website):

The most advanced Computer Based Training Application available.

This is the only multimedia ergonomic program written and produced by an occupational physician. 

The Ergo Health TM programs arose from Dr. Kevin  Byrne’s extensive clinical experience treating patients afflicted with Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTD’s), such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)




Kevin Byrne, MD[SMTP:kbyrne@corpmed.com]
Friday, October 10, 1997 9:39 PM 

<snip> I am an occupational physician who grew tired of treating CTD's after-the-fact. While at AT&T, I was convinced that the great majority of these injuries and many more, unreported,  were preventable. So, at CorpMed we have pooled my knowledge of preventive strategies with others' technical skills into an on-line office ergo training program that we call Ergo Health. My experience is that lectures and passive ergo work site evals don't teach well enough. We think it is most effective and efficient to use a company's network to deploy interactive, multimedia ergo training! <snip>

(Information last checked:  Dec'97)

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Datachem Software, Inc.
222 Turnpike Rd., Westboro, MA 01581
(508) 366-5277, or (800) 377-9717, Fax: (508) 366-5278


datachem-ergosmart ErgoSmart

  • Estimated Price:  $695 (Site / Network License)
    Allows you to make an unlimited number of copies of program that can be installed on every stand alone computer at your site and/or you can install and use on a Local Area Network (LAN) for multi-user access.
  • Compatibility: Windows or MAC.

ErgoSmart is a low cost, self-paced, interactive and easy-to-use software training tool that teaches your employees how to work comfortably with their computers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Your employees train themselves with interactive, computer-based training methods that save you time and training costs. What could be easier?
  • Now licensed for use by over ONE MILLION users in more than 400 different organizations worldwide!
  • No special computer hardware is needed! Runs on ALL your computers and is available for DOS , Windows or MAC operating systems.
  • Make UNLIMITED COPIES and install on every computer at your site or you can place on your server for multi-user access.
  • Full-color graphics and 5 sections of information give common-sense solutions to your users.
  • Trains your employees how to work comfortably with their existing computer workstation equipment.
  • Computer ergonomics information is easily accessible and always available for every employee who uses a computer!

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)



  • Estimated Price:  $495 (Site License)
    Allows you to easily make an unlimited number of copies that can be installed on every stand alone computer at your site.
  • Compatibility: Windows or MAC.

ErgoTips is a computer ergonomic instructional screen saver. It is a tool that helps you reinforce comfortable computing work habits for your employees. You can make unlimited copies of the program and install it on every desktop in your office. Whenever a computer is left idle, the screen is filled with 3-D, full color, animated screens of ergonomic tips rather than "flying toasters".

Features and Benefits :

  • Eight different screens of animated computer workstation tips show employees how to work comfortably with their computers.
  • Six screens of illustrated stretching exercises show your employees how to "Stretch for Comfort" at their own workstations.
  • Each stretching exercise includes an automatic countdown counter.
  • Now licensed for use by over ONE QUARTER MILLION users in more than 200 sites worldwide!
  • No special computer hardware is needed! Runs on ALL your computers and is available for Windows or MAC operating systems.
  • Make UNLIMITED COPIES and install on every computer at your site.
  • Perfectly complements and reinforces ErgoSmart® training by reminding employees about the importance of good ergonomics.

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Jul'00)

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David Brown
374 Blaxlands Ridge Rd., Kurrajong NSW 2758, Australia

The Road to Comfort

Ergonomics training and self-help software

  • Compatibility: all browsers
  • Estimated Price: Approx US$5 per user in quantity
  • Availability: Direct

Since the early 1980s, work health education materials by David Brown (workplace psychologist and ergonomist) and Dr Robin Mitchell (occupational health physician) have been translated into more than 27 languages, and over half a million licensed copies have been printed by IBM, the New Zealand Government, and Ericsson Computers, universities, workers compensation insurers, and government bodies. These materials are based on practical experience in the workplace, helping thousands of workers to find solutions to discomfort, pain and stress.

The Road to Comfort is the latest expression of this information. This
ergonomics training software covers workstation adjustment, remedying discomfort, workplace exercises, stress, and workplace relationships.

When you first install the program, the user goes through it step by step, filling in a Certificate of Completion as they go. This stage takes about 30 minutes. Once training has been completed, users can dip into the broad knowledge base anonymously at any time for quick remedies to discomfort and stress.

The program finds a balance between corporate responsibility and individual responsibility for health in the workplace. It's deliberately inexpensive so every employee can have a copy.

The software is very easy to install and use. It is equally suitable for corporate use, for consultant's use, and for use by individuals.

David Brown's website http://www.pocket-stress.com also contains many free articles on stress and pain.

(Information last checked:  Feb'03)

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Ergosaver, Inc.
3800 W. Alameda Ave, Suite 1150, Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 238-9100 or Toll free 866-ERGOSAVER (866-374-6728)
Fax:  818-238-9565 



  • System requirements: IExplorer 4.0+ or Netscape 4.0+ and Flash 4.0+ plugin 
  • Price: $25,- per user per year for 1000 users minimum (volume discounts and customization are available)

Ergosaver is the web-based office ergonomics training solution focused on motivating PC users to organize an optimal personal computer work environment. It addresses risk-factor prevention for discomforts associated with PC use, including:

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Backaches
  • Headaches and eye strain

Ergosaver uses the Scandinavian training method: highly personalized, focused, results-oriented and fun experiences to maximize well-being and long-term benefits while improving productivity. Extensive tracking for administrators.

Ergosaver is targeted to companies which make the training available to all employees using a PC more than a couple hours per day, and it integrates the efforts of in-house or external ergonomists and safety managers.

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Jan'01)

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Infinite Innovations Ltd
Innovation House, 71 Sheldon Road, Sheffield, S7 1GU, UK
(+44) 0870 9026141, Fax: (+44) 0870 9026141

  • Platforms: Windows 3.0/3.1/3.11, Windows 95/NT
  • Cost in UK pounds Sterling: (£1 is approx 1.60 US dollars)
    • Individual licence: £11.95 each
    • Bulk corporate licences: Down to £2 each depending on quantity


 ScreamSaver is a very reliable program which can be customised to each individual's needs. It is designed to combat the many problems with using a computer for a long period of time:

  • RSI
  • Back and neck pain
  • Eye strain and headaches
  • Temporary myopia (shortsightedness)
  • Stress

Users can use ScreamSaver to prompt them to take breaks using either regular intervals (eg 3 min break every 20 mins) or a hierarchy of intervals (short breaks after a short period of time and increasingly longer breaks after longer periods).

The potential problems of being at a computer for too long are emphasised and guidance is given on good computing practice and good posture. Descriptions of 30 exercises are given with the emphasis on stopping being in front of the computer, doing alternative work and exercising.

ScreamSaver has many options which determine how intrusive the warning is. It is very important to match the degree of intrusion to each individual to ensure that the user does not get frustrated and turn the program off. The intrusion options include sound, size, colour and other options. Every option can be set and fixed by either the user or the company. Users are not locked out of their computers because most users find this too frustrating if this happens.

It has network options which allow site managers to display their own contact details on screen, provide a direct link to their health and safety document, display their own exercises and generally control all the available options. The help file includes a thorough description of installing, customising and using ScreamSaver. Full technical support is included.

Medical professionals can easily customise ScreamSaver to advertise their own services within the program and can include recommendations for each and every patient.

ScreamSaver is also designed to help EC employers fulfil their obligations under EC regulations 90/270 regarding the use of VDU screens.

Download site for FREE 14 day evaluation versions:

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)


(Information last checked:  Mar'98)

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Intes, Inc.
2118 Wilshire Blvd. #608, Los Angeles, CA 90403, USA
(310) 391-6153, Fax: 310-391-1444 



RestReminder simply reminds you when it is the time to rest. The small, unobtrusive reminder window appears in the rightmost corner of the screen during a pause of inactivity (no keystrokes, no clicks). The reminder window closes after a few seconds (adjustable), or if you click it shut. RestReminder's friendly Options window makes it easy to customize settings for how often or how long the reminder message appears. It even notifies you of excessive keystrokes or mouse clicks! RestReminder is indispensable in maintaining a regular schedule of breaks.

For a free 30 day trial, you can experience the benefits of this fun tool to prevent Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).

(Information last checked:  Jul'99)

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Alen Jevsenak 
Thomas-Mann-Str. 20 
70734 Fellbach - Germany

  • Compatibility:  Windows
  • Estimated Price:  $26.00
  • Availability:  Direct

fit@work 3D

A revolutionary REALTIME 3D health & fitness software.

fit@work 3D is a new technology that provides a REALTIME 3D animated virtual instructor that takes care of your health and keeps you fit-at-work ! Your instructor "lives" in your computer and directs you regularly to short and varying exercise breaks. You have permanent access to thoroughly selected doctors recommended EXERCISES and you can learn them very easily by simply following her motions. You can even rotate your "teacher" in any direction - so you won't miss any detail. 

With the help of an individually configurable and intelligent REMINDER you can easily integrate her into your daily working routine, ... avoid pains caused by lack of motion, improve your sense of time, strengthen your self-discipline, reduce your stress significantly even while working ... and you will have much more fun and success at work!

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)


 A free demo (690 KB) is available at their website as well as the following demo download sites:

Demo download sites:

One final note: I offer a free trial licenses to all our reviewers. You may contact me anytime, if you or one of your colleagues is interested in reviewing the full version of this unique and brand new health software.

Alen Jevsenak 


(Information last checked:  Oct'99)

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ErgoSentryMagnitude Information Systems, Inc.
50 Tannery Road, Branchburg,  New Jersey 08876  
(888) 786-7774, (908) 534-6400 Outside U.S./Canada
Fax: (908) 534-9161



  • Compatibility: Windows
  • Availability: Distributors or Direct from Magnitude

ErgoSentry is designed to help protect you from RSI related to use of your computer.  Using the computer for long periods without a break (or even short periods in poorly setup workstations or poor postures) slowly damages the soft tissues of your hands, wrists, and arms causing RSI damage.  Because the symptoms of RSI develop slowly, it is easy to ignore them.  But the pain of RSI is real, and the disability can be permanent.

Our clients tell us ErgoSentry can pay for itself in several areas many times over:

  • Lower insurance costs due to lower incidence of RSI
  • Lower healthcare costs due to lower incidence of RSI
  • Reduced training costs as company training materials are reinforced by ErgoSentry
  • Increased productivity from micro-breaks, better posture and training reinforcement
  • Reduced re-training costs due to lower incidence of RSI

Our clients tell us they are using ErgoSentry for:

  • RSI Prevention
  • Training Programs
  • Productivity Management
  • Rehabilitation - Back to work programs
  • Workstation Analysis
  • Ergonomic Interventions
  • Human Resource Programs
  • Case Analysis
  • ADA & OSHA Compliance
  • More...


(see website  for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Feb'01)

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4633 Old Ironsides Drive Santa Clara, CA 95054
(800) 936-ERGO, Fax: (408) 988-1980

micronite arms softwareA.R.M.S.
Avoid Repetitive Motion Syndrome

  • Estimated Price:
    • Standard Edition $49.95
    • Deluxe Edition $79.95 (logs computer activity and is expandable)

An interactive, visual ergonomic software for reducing the risk of developing painful computer-related repetitive strain injuries.

(1) Exercise Manager makes it easy to customize your own exercise program.

(2) Digital videos of exercises that reduce tension, improve blooflow, stretch, strengthen, and tone the overworked muscles, tendons, and joints.

(3) VCR-like buttons for playing the exercises anytime you feel your muscles and joints are becoming overused and tired.

(4) Gauges display build-up of "repetitive stress" by counting keystrokes, mouse movements, and time elapsed.

(5) Sliders allow you to set your own activity thresholds for taking exercise breaks automatically.

Loaded with features requested by ergonomists and occupational health and safety professionals!

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)


They also have an extensive book collection at:

(Information last checked:  Jul'00)

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Niche Software Ltd
PO Box 31-281, Christchurch, New Zealand
Ph: +64 21 646 573, Fax: +64 3 341 3184


  • Compatibility: MS Windows (3.x, 95, and NT), OS/2
  • Availability: Download from website, mail order (cheque/money order), and email order (credit card)
  • EstimatedPrice:
    • Single copies + manual US$69.00 + $9 p&p
    • Multiple copies - sliding scale,
    • 10 copies - $43.00 each
    • 50 copies - $33.30 each
    • 100 copies - $28.90 each
    • 500 copies - $20.78 each
    • extras above 500 - $15.00 each

WorkPace has been designed and developed over several years by Drs Kevin Taylor [B.E., PhD] and Robert van Nobelen [B.E., M.E., PhD]. Initial work was motivated by Dr. Taylor's personal experiences in suffering from RSI.

The package was developed with advice from New Zealand's leading experts on RSI (Dr. R.D. Wigley - Consultant Rheumatologist and Dr. W.E.D. Turner - Occupational Specialist). Many New Zealand organisations and treatment professionals are now using the software.

As a summary the package:

  • Monitors all mouse and keyboard usage.
  • Implements a flexible user customizable break regime.
  • Provides comprehensive information and on-line help.

More specifically WorkPace features include:

  • Micro-pauses and rest breaks (macro-pauses).
  • Monitoring of typing speed and time worked.
  • Timetable of weekly work schedule (meetings, lunch breaks, etc.).
  • Data recording and usage statistics (for last 6 months).
  • Comprehensive on-line help.
  • Advice on
    • Ergonomics.
    • Correct working techniques for mouse and keyboard.
    • RSI prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Networking facilities.

Special features of WorkPace are:

  • Setup wizard.
  • Unique multi-level warning system.
  • Intelligent calculation of optimal break times.
  • Optional forcing of breaks.
  • On-screen status display.
  • Password protection.

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)


One-month trial version is available for free download, as well as more product information, at their website http://www.workpace.com

(Information last checked:  Jul'00)

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Para Technologies Stretch Break ImagePara Technologies
3273 Indiana Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Voice line: 714-546-8619
FAX line: 714-546-4607

Stretch Break

  • Platforms:  PC
  • Estimated Price:  $44.95 plus $4 S&H

A team of health care professionals developed Stretch Break to increase circulation, relieve tension, boost your energy level, and help guard against Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs).

Once installed on your hard drive, Stretch Break gently reminds you to take periodic breaks while using your computer. You are invited to perform a series of low-impact stretches illustrated on the screen. Then Stretch Break returns you to your current Windows application.

Our latest version, Stretch Break PRO, has an administrator module for tracking the use patterns of Stretch Break. It also allows users to select the stretches that appear on the screen.

Stretch Break is simple. With one mouse click, you begin stretching with the figure on the screen, or you can delay or cancel the stretches.

Stretch Break is flexible. You select how long to wait between stretch sessions and how many stretches per session (defaults are 30 minutes and 3 stretches). Each stretch lasts for 15 to 25 seconds, so you are back to work in one or two minutes.

Stretch Break works. Surveyed Stretch Break users report reduced stress levels, greater awareness of the need to take breaks, greater awareness of ergonomic issues, and reduced stiffness and muscle ache.

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)


Downloadable full-featured 10 day evaluation version of Stretch Break PRO from their website.

(Information last checked:  Jul'00)

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Peak Technology
PO Box 27202 Wellington New Zealand
Ph: +64 25 991 779
Fax: +64 4 3844 380


Kairos Computer Safety Toolkit

The Kairos Computer safety Toolkit is unique in that it is not just break reminder software; it is a complete and cost effective set of tools for dealing with the painful, costly and increasing problem of musculoskeletal disorders among computer users. To protect against computer related health problems and injuries employers need to be sure that their computer users are aware of the hazards of computer use and have the skills and tools to set their work stations up correctly and to work safely. The Kairos Toolkit has been developed specifically to meet this need.

Over two years research and consultation with health and safety specialists, employers and people suffering from computer related injuries have gone into developing Kairos.

The Toolkit is available as a complete package to cover your whole organization or else you can separately purchase each of the components you require. The Toolkit includes:

Break Reminder Software (for Windows): Advanced, easy to operate, non-intrusive software monitors keyboard and mouse usage, warns users when their work patterns are unsafe, demonstrates injury prevention exercises and stretches on screen using either video or art animation, records break patterns for up to 3 months and literally puts computer safety information at the user's fingertips. Only $33 per user up to a maximum of $594 per site (you never pay for more than 18 users at a site!) or $1188 maximum per organization (you only pay for the first two sites!).

Workstation Analyzer: Effortlessly guides users through the process of correctly adjusting their workstations. Only $75 for an unrestricted number of users within a single organization.

Safety Training Module: A computer based interactive tool which enables employers and training establishments to be sure their staff and students are trained to use computer equipment safely. Ideal for use as part of the induction process. Only $75 (standard version) for an unrestricted number of users within a single organization. Professional version price on application.

Video: Excellent computer safety training video. Only $149 per copy.

Screen Savers & Training Resources: Eye catching and informative screen savers that promote safe computer use, an HTML presentation for your intranet, overhead transparencies and other presentation resources on the Kairos CD make it easy to develop computer safety seminars and refresher courses. Only $39 for an unrestricted number of users within a single organization.

Laminated Posters: Attractively presented color posters setting out computer safety checklists and tips. Only $1 each or $75 per 100.

Safety Guides: Easy to follow and written by ergonomic experts these guides provide managers and staff detailed advice on how to work safely to avoid computer related health problems and injuries. Only $10 each or $750 per 100.

Complete Toolkit: Organization-wide software license, (unrestricted number of users and sites) 10 posters, 10 safety guides and the video – Only $1285! That's unbeatable value when you consider that just one computer related injury case can cost you thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars!

Visit www.peaktechnology.co.nz and download a software demo today.

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)

(Information last checked:  Aug'98)

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possibilityoutpost-powerpause-ppgangPossibility Outpost
(408) 353-6573


Take a break! . It's a fact: You can't sit on your butt all day using your computer and expect to be healthy. Over 75% of all workers compensation claims relate to RSI. You need to take a break and stretch. Get your blood flowing and parts moving. PowerPause automatically prompts you to take a break and leads you through an exciting variery of stretches. Automatic. Easy. And at a mere $25.00 it's inexpensive. Because you need a stretch break you need PowerPause. It's all very logical. Download now.

The common sense notion behind PowerPause is that problems happen when you do a lot of computer work over a long period of time without taking a break. We must take breaks when using computers! Once you've decided taking a break is a good idea then you have to ask: When should I take a break? What should I do during the break? PowerPause was created to answer both questions. PowerPause uses the idea of micropauses. Rather than taking one long break PowerPause asks you to take more short breaks with stretching during the break. PowerPause pops up from time-to-time during the day and leads you through a short set of stretches. We call this feature your personal trainer. Like with a personal trainer you don't have to remember when to take a break or what to do during the break, your personal trainer will prompt you with stretches to do, disappearing when you are done.

The stretches cover all the parts of your body that may hurt with prolonged computer use. There are stretches for your hands, fingers, neck, shoulders, arms, as well as eye relaxation exercises. You Want to Know More about RSI? Good. We are very proud of our extensive help system which teaches all about RSI, how to setup your workstation, and much much more.

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)


PowerPause (full-featured) can be downloaded from their website.  After 30 days of use PowerPause will stop popping up stretches and you must decide if you want to buy it.

(Information last checked:  Jul'00)

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RAN Enterprises
One Woodland Park Dr.
Haverhill, MA 01830, US
(800) 451-4487 or (508) 521-4487


  • Compatibility: Windows (3.0/3.1), OS/2 PM (1.3/2.0) [Not DOS]
  • Estimated Price:  $69.95 including shipping and handling, quantity discounts for resellers. Free demo ($5 outside US).

Aimed at preventing RSI and eye strain, this program warns you to take breaks after a configurable interval (or at fixed times). Optionally displays descriptions and pictures of exercises - pictures are animated and program beeps you to help you do exercises at the correct rate. Includes 19 stretches and 4 visual training exercises, can configure which are included and how many repetitions you do - breaks last from 3 to 7 minutes. Also includes online help on workplace ergonomics.

Quote from their literature

EyerCise is a Windows program that breaks up your day with periodic sets of stretches and visual training exercises. The stretches work all parts of your body, relieving tension and helping to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury. The visual training exercises will improve your peripheral vision and help to relieve eye strain. Together these help you to become more relaxed and productive.

"The package includes the book Computers & Visual Stress by Edward C. Godnig, O.D. and John S. Hacunda, which describes the ergonomic setup for a computer workstation and provides procedures and exercises to promote healthy and efficient computer use.


I have a copy of this, and it works as advertised: I would say it is better for RSI prevention than RSI management, because it does not allow breaks at periods less than 30 minutes. Also, it interrupts you based on clock time rather than typing time, which is not so helpful unless you use the keyboard all day. Worked OK on Windows 3.0 though it did occasionally crash with a UAE - not sure why. Also refused to work with the space bar on one PC, and has one window without window controls. Very useable though, and does not require any sound hardware. -Richard Donkin-

(Information last checked:  Pending)

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sapiens-ergominder-dudesSapiens Software Pty Ltd
GPO Box 790, Hobart, Australia 7001
International Fax +61-3-6224-9174
Australian Fax 03-6224-9174


  • Compatibility:  Windows, Mac, OS2
  • Estimated Price:   $29.00 (Australian) or $25.00 (US)
  • Availability:  Direct

ErgoMinder is an entertaining exercise reminder software program for all computer users. ErgoMinder helps prevent RSI and helps accelerate the recovery process. ErgoMinder works in the background on your Windows PC or your Macintosh, giving you friendly reminders to move and stretch in timed intervals. The Ergo-Dudes show you how to exercise to prevent the onset of postural pain and Repetition Strain Injuries. You can customise ErgoMinder to accommodate many physical ailments. You can also find out how to set up your workstation for best ergonomic performance.

Available since early 1995 ErgoMinder is the result of 5 years of research and development to make it simple, effective and totally user-friendly. Beware of inferior imitations that promise more and deliver less. Created by an experienced Physiotherapist and an Industrial Engineer, ErgoMinder is a professional, rock solid, money-back guaranteed product.

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)


ErgoMinder for Windows can be downloaded from their website (995K) This is the full working software. It can be registered anytime by obtaining a release key. Without the key, it is fully functional for 15 start-ups (2 weeks). After this period ErgoMinder will tell you how to easily order your single-user licence for the Promotional Special price of only US$25 ($29 Australian dollars). Ordering info is inside the program.

(Information last checked:  Jul'00)

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Stress Away SoftwareStress Away Software
10 Town Plaza, #226, Durango, CO 81301
(800) 800-7623 or (970) 259-8760

Stress Away

  • Compatibility:  Windows
  • Estimated Price: $19.95
  • Availability:  Direct

The Ergonomic Software Solution for:

  • Headaches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Gritty-feeling eyes
  • Stiff neck or shoulders
  • Painful wrists
  • General Fatigue

Stress Away Reduces Computer-Use-Related Fatigue and Tension!

Stress Away Software provides easy-to-understand text and photos which guide you through brief exercises for your eyes, neck, head & shoulders, and wrists.

Stress Away is not a screen saver, it pops up on your screen while you work and shows you a quick, easy exercise to reduce stress and tension.

(see website  for more manufacturer product information)


You can download a demo copy (full features with 5 exercises instead of 25) from their website.

(Information last checked:  Jul'00)

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